Meantime, Back at the Ranch: Deion Sanders is Living the Good Life in Lake Ridge


We don’t know where, and we are not sure if this is a permanent home, but we know that after Deion moved all that stuff out of 1280 Preston Road in Prosper, he had to go somewhere. And go somewhere he did indeed, to the exclusive Lake Ridge, a hilly 3,600-acre development along Joe Pool Lake on the west side of Cedar Hill, 3.5 miles west of Highway 67.

First developed in 1994 by Bluegreen Communities, the one-time ranch land became a lakeside mecca for Dallas’ elite looking for spectacular views and rolling hills. In 2012, SouthStar Communities bought Lake Ridge from Bluegreen Communities. Now, SouthStar has commenced on the final gated neighborhood of Lake Ridge,The Sanctuary. Former Dallas Cowboy Linebacker Dexter Coakley lives there, as do a number of pro athletes and others who want space inside and out, as well as tree-filled rolling hills.

We think this house, which he is renting, looks an awful lot like a smaller version of 1280 Preston Road — don’t you? And what is that pink house from 2012 — did they re-paint the exteriors? I have heard that Deion is rebuilding and planning a reality show around it. All we can say is, please invite us to participate!

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