Great Western Home Loans Featured Realtor: Brittney Warren Brings Positive Energy to Rogers Healy and Associates

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Now here’s a fun Q&A you will just love. Brittney Warren is brand new at Rogers Healy and Associates and this Realtor is such a positive, fun gal with a great perspective on life, just like Jeff Lindigrin of Great Western Home Loans.

Brittney is ready to go the extra mile for her clients, even if that means touring tons of properties and submitting several bids! Do you have a lender that’s ready to go the extra mile for you? Jeff Lindigrin, “chief happiness officer” at Great Western Home Loans always takes the client experience to the next level. Find out more about Great Western Home Loans today.

In the mean-time, read on for more dish on this fantastic Austin transplant who loves residential real estate and is happy to finally have her dream job!: Where are you from?

Brittney Warren: I am from California of the South … Austin! So blessed to have grown up in such a culturally rich city. Certainly where my love for food trucks, music, art and Bohemian style comes from.

CD: We hear you started out in commercial real estate and just joined up with Rogers Healy and Associates. What made you decide to come to the “dark side,” AKA residential?

BW: Ha! The dark side! Yes, I finally made the leap to the residential real estate side. And I couldn’t be more excited about it. I actually worked on the development/property management side of real estate. I’ve spent close to 10 years in the Dallas market — first hand, watching Dallas become one of the most exciting, eclectic, diverse, and booming metropolitan cities I have ever been to. At the end of the day, the most important factor in being in this industry is making people happy. Whether that is leasing, selling, helping put in a great new coffee shop, building a beautiful new highrise, or helping someone purchase their first home. We are all contributing to this great city in some small way.

CD: Tell us: What are some unique challenges that Realtors face in this super hot market where everyone wants to buy a house now?

BW: There are so many challenges, especially because Dallas has become one of the fastest-growing cities in America, as well as one of the top 5 best cities right now to sell a home in. I think the most important and challenging thing to do as a Realtor is setting yourself apart from others and building a unique and genuine brand for yourself. There are so many fantastic Realtors in the — its all about showing personality, heart, really listening to your clients, and being different by just being your genuine self. Passion for making people happy to me is what helps overcome this challenge. And believing in what you do every day … it makes a huge difference and it will leave a lasting impression with your clients.

CD: Inspiring! So, where is home for you in Dallas?

BW: East Dallas is my hood! I live in Lakewood and am so in love with this neighborhood. We need a bumper sticker like Austin … instead of “Keep Austin Weird” it needs to read “Keep East Dallas Funky!” It’s a Dallas gem for sure — so much diversity, beautiful trees, history, amazing people, creativity, hidden note-worthy restaurants, and contagious energy. Its so alive and rich with passionate people and small business owners.

CD: And you drive a … let me guess, Range Rover?

BW: Is this a trick question??!! Haha. Can I lie and say I drive a 1974 tan Ford Bronco with a soft top? Kidding. I wish. I drive a “Mom car.” She is a White Lexus RX 350. Wave hi if you see me! Or don’t be mad at me if I don’t use my blinker … small problem of mine.

CD: What’s your favorite ‘hood in Dallas and why?

BW: I think I already answered this one … Lakewood/East Dallas for sure! Being from Austin, this neighborhood feels most at home for me. I think it certainly offers the most character and individuality in the city, along side the Bishop Arts area, which is a close close second fave!

CD: If you had to pick a home to live in forever and ever, what kind of house would it be?

BW: I would for sure live in a ranch-style, one-story, mid-century modern home — maybe on a few acres, enough to have a few gardens. Tucked back in some old trees in a funky neighborhood, close enough to walk to some local establishments. This type of architecture is so simple yet so beautiful. It gives you an opportunity to showcase art, beautiful statement pieces of furniture, color, and eclectic design that represents who you are. There are no rules and limits with this type of home and design. You can hang a fantastic piece of funky pop art on the wall next to an ornate chandelier hanging above it, with hot neon pink couch pillows. It encourages bright color pallets mixed with neutral grays and whites, all the while using the natural elements of sunlight, landscaping based on native Texas plants – succulents, yucca, rocks, expansive floor to ceiling windows to create and outdoor/indoor feel, and rustic wood. This type of home is just fun and different!

CD: Being new to residential real estate, what are you looking forward to? What are you dreading?

BW: I am looking forward to the new ability to work directly for my clients. And to make a difference in their real estate experience, assuring that they all come back to me 5 or 10 years down the road when they are in the market again.

Dreading … that’s tough. Probably the miles that I will put on my car! Really, not much! I am thrilled for this new opportunity and know that my experience will lead to a thriving, fun, and meaningful career. I look forward to both the highs of residential real estate and the challenges.

Oh, and I am super stoked about the free cookies that Rogers has promised to provide in his office daily …

CD: Tell us a little bit about your perspective when it comes to serving your clients.

BW: My perspective falls right in line with what Rogers Healy preaches about his company. And is ultimately why I joined the team. Our approach is personality driven and effective. Leading with passion and care, and making your clients family. This is such an important and monumental life experience: buying, selling, and choosing a home. And I get to be a part of people’s lives, hear their stories, and make a difference. My clients become my friends, get to meet my daughter, they join my circle, and I believe in continuing on that relationship for years and years.

CD: How much did you sell last year?

BW: Well considering I was on the other side of the real estate world … I did a lot of leasing, marketing, accounting, and had a hand in the development process. When I was focusing just on leasing my best year was just over $2 .5 million, and that is just for leasing condos/apartments — both high rise and mid-rise.

CD: What words of wisdom do you often share with clients? And what do clients often need to hear?

BW: I always stress that this should be a fun experience, where I understand that it isn’t always smooth, and easy … but it should still at the end of the day be exciting. I encourage my clients to lead with their hearts, and go with what feels right. It’s your home … and this place should be your sanctuary.

I also advise that you should always lead with an open mind as well … it’s amazing what a coat of paint, or new floors, or just a little TLC will do to a space. Adding your own character, style and furnishings can completely transform a home … sometimes its a hard thing to visualize when it is empty or still occupied.

Clients need to hear that everything will be alright!! In a tough competitive market like we are in now, it’s easy to get frustrated and burnt out, especially when there are typically multiple offers on homes. Sometimes taking a step back and just letting it all work out as its supposed to is best. It will happen, and your perfect home is waiting for you.

CD: If you ever change careers for an encore you’ll…

BW: This is it! I have dreamt of doing what I do … literally. I have obsessed over HGTV renovation shows, and the “Million Dollar Listing” shows on Bravo for years! If I could just sit and chat with Fredrik from “Million Dollar Listing: New York” … I would die (Editor: OMG! Candy did!). He is amazing…and has such personality, style and his hysterical! Let alone sells more real estate than I have ever seen! My love for real estate and design started from a young age, and I have always been obsessed with driving around neighborhoods, transforming a space to make it your own, looking at open houses, and combine that with making people happy. That’s pretty perfect!

For some reason if this just doesn’t work out, you’d probably find me opening up a restaurant or food truck. Or maybe even be a home-based chef. Organic, local, eclectic food is definitely a love of mine as well, and creating food based on how you feel. It is my stress relief. I can work a long day, pick up my daughter, rush home, and a perfect ending to the day would be to pour a glass of wine, turn on some Bon Iver, and just cook.

CD: Do you have a second home? If so, where?

BW: The park, or Steel City Pops! I have a 3-year-old so lately my second home has been the splash park or trips to get a tasty popsicle after. Oh wait, and Target too! That seems to be Zoe’s and my most perfect day!

Other than that, no second home just yet. I’m still working on that, so check back with me in 5 years.

CD: Will do, Brittney! And congratulations!

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