Watch Out, Realtors and Homeowners: Thief Targeting Sellers is Back in Town

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Alleged Thief Stan "Dan" Tucker also goes by Tim Allen.
Alleged Thief Stan “Dan” Tucker also goes by Tim Allen.


Ebby Halliday Realtor Lydia Player wants to warn Realtors and homeowners that a notorious thief is back in town and up to his old tricks, targeting homes for sale by owner and Realtors, too, primarily in upscale Dallas neighborhoods. He’s been seen in Oklahoma and Waco, but now Stan Tucker is back in Dallas.

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He’s back. The notorious thief who poses as a home buyer is back in Dallas and “working” the area. I get several calls a year from the victims of Stan Tucker because I posted information about him back in 2008.

His mode of operation is to pose as a potential home buyer. He claims to be looking for a property for his son, or himself or something like that. Currently it looks like he is targeting homes that are for sale by owner. Security is a major issue when selling a home without an agent and he is proof. Letting a stranger in your home is risky business for a homeowner.

Based on the calls and emails I’ve gotten, he has robbed homes from Waco to Stillwater, Oklahoma. This slippery snake is good at what he does and seems to always avoid getting caught in the act. Yesterday, I got a call from a homeowner in Lake Highlands where he did his usual routine.

He is currently driving a newer, silver pick up truck. It’s the shorter style truck and the front license plate is turned up.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because he’s struck Dallas before, Player said. She reported about him on her blog in 2008 and again in 2012, and he has allegedly stolen prescription drugs while touring homes. “He was exposed on a Channel 11 story in February 2007 after allegedly ripping off many people,” Player said. “They aired his photo and even footage of him being confronted on his porch”

A screenshot of Stan Tucker's mugshot from a Channel 11 report.
A screenshot of Stan Tucker’s mugshot from a Channel 11 report.

In the news story it was revealed that Tucker has been convicted of theft twice — once in 1998 for stealing from a Plano Tom Thumb and again in 2005 for stealing from a house for sale.

If Stan “Dan” Tucker/Tim Allen shows up at your open house or asks to schedule a showing, call the police.



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