Will Jack Matthews Work His Magic on Century-old Dallas High School? What Should The Historic Building Be?

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Dallas High School Dallas Whisperer
Photo: The Dallas Whisperer

I think, given its location and size, that the Dallas High School (nee’ Crozier Tech) building at Pearl Street and Bryan just across from Plaza of the Americas at the DART Rail station, should be a combined live/work loft space, a kind of incubator for artists and entrepreneurs. It would give something to the area that the nearby Dallas Arts District desperately needs — affordable housing for artists.

But I’m sure many people have many different ideas for the 6-acre site, which has changed hands and plans many times over the years, according to Steve Brown. The historic structure, built in 1907, is one of the last downtown buildings that has yet to be redeveloped. It’s been boarded up, a shameful eyesore on the first transit stop in Downtown Dallas, for years.

But if anyone can breathe new life into this kind of building, it’s Matthews. He’s performed Hail Mary-type developments before, including breathing new life into the Cedars neighborhood. You can read more about the history of this beleaguered building here.

Still, we at CandysDirt.com want to hear from you: What do you think the old Dallas High School should be?

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  1. lew Wood says

    I think it should go back to what it was originally. I think a very progressive art school would be to cool. Extra land could be high density multi-family. So what do I know??

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