Staging to Sell: Realtor Brea Garza Staged This Stonebridge Ranch Home With Finesse

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5003 Quail Creek Drive, Photo: Shoot2Sell
5003 Quail Creek Drive, Photo: Shoot2Sell

Plush and sexy with gray paint, white paneling, and chrome everywhere, 5003 Quail Creek is a stunner for sure. And thanks to the help of a Realtor who knows how to make a home appealing to buyers, this house was snatched right off the market in less than a week!

It’s four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath beauty in Stonebridge Ranch’s Quail Creek that was listed for $259,500 by Ebby Halliday Realtor Brea Garza, founder of The Garza Group. Boy, does it look like it is worth every shiny penny. I asked her if she thought that staging this home helped it get whisked off its feet by an eager buyer.

“I do,” Garza replied. “Of course, I also believe we are in such an unbelievable sellers market right now, that my firm’s staging probably wasn’t the only factor, but I think it helped the property to sell within a quicker time frame vs. a home that is not staged.”

5003 Quail Creek living

5003 Quail Creek Dining

5003 Quail Creek Family

We hear that. Of course, this house has a lot going for it, including two fireplaces, a great location, and being a solid Darling Homes-built structure. I do love that, while it looks somewhat traditional on the outside, it has modern touches within that make it cross the line into transitional.

Brea Garza
Brea Garza

“My approach to staging is unique to each home I am hired for,” Garza said. “This fantastic home in McKinney already had great bones, beautiful trim work and a very modern color palette that opened up so many possibilities for my staging.”

Yes, the trim work is exceptional, adding style and depth to the home. The open spaces are great, too. But it does take an expert eye to make sure buyers see that potential. It can mean the difference between a total turn-off and a potential sale, especially in markets where you’re going to have gunshy clients who are wary of being outbid.

5003 Quail Creek Master

5003 Quail Creek Media

5003 Quail Creek Loggia

“To me, hiring a stager is an essential.  A beautifully staged home with a perfect balance of style can create a vision for buyers that in turn can possibly create a sale for my clients,” Garza said. “For 5003 Quail Creek Drive, I took a neutral palette approach with the grey, black, and white and added pops of gold and silver for color. Receiving feedback with great comments, several Realtors mentioned their client was sold on the house just for the décor alone! Which is very complimentary!”

We agree! Congrats on the contract, Brea!

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  1. Ross Odom says

    I agree, Candy. by the same token, sellers should be amenable to a little prep work themselves. I would advise the agent to advise the seller to peruse well-staged houses posted on the Internet, and be ready for photo day.

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