The Most Famous House in Wylie, 34 Years Later

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Anyone who lived in North Texas in the early 1980’s remembers the murder of Betty Gore, and the murder trial of Candace Montgomery, the woman who killed her with an ax. The petite, non-descript Wylie housewife was acquitted in 1980. She claimed self-defense. I attended her trial as I was working, at the time, for KDFW-TV. Then, as now, the case enthralled me.

Gore, a 5th-grade teacher at R.C. Dodd Middle School, had accused her best friend, Candace,of having an affair with her husband, Allan. I think they also all went to the same church.  On June 13, 1980, the 30-year-old Gore was found dead in the laundry room of her home at 410 Dogwood Drive. She had been hacked to death by someone wielding an ax an estimated 41 times. Montgomery was soon charged with murder. She claimed self-defense. At her trial four months later, Montgomery told jurors that Gore came at her with an ax, pledging to kill her over the affair. According to The Dallas Morning News on Oct. 30, 1980, Montgomery testified that the two struggled. Somehow, she wrestled control of the ax, and struck Gore on the head, she said.

“At that point, Mrs. Montgomery told the jury, she fell into a ‘dreamlike state’ and didn’t know she was striking Mrs. Gore repeatedly. “I hit her, I hit her, I hit her and I hit her,” a sobbing Mrs. Montgomery told the jury. “I kept hitting her and hitting her. I stood back and looked at myself and I was covered in blood.”

I remembered the shock I felt, along with everyone else, since I was just a few years younger than the murder victim and the defendant. Is it possible, I thought, that a normal, rational human being could be driven to react in so violent a manner of self-defense? How could a woman, a mother, have done such a thing? And the names of the accused and the victim — you just couldn’t make this stuff up!

Jurors deliberated less than three and a half hours before finding Montgomery not guilty. She went on to move to Atlanta.

Jeffrey Weiss wrote a wonderful piece about the crime in the Dallas Morning News on the murder’s 30th anniversary in 2010.

The murder really put Wylie, a town of about 3,700 people at the time, on the map. Though we had just moved to Dallas and were still exploring, I learned more about the northern suburbs of Dallas and northern environs quickly from that case. It was all too surreal. Even the date — Friday the 13th, 1980.

Just like today.

When we first heard of the murder, people panicked, as we tend to do. Was it possible that a brutal ax murderer was loose in this sleepy suburban town, prowling the rows of Fox & Jacobs track homes to chop up housewives? I lived in North Dallas at the time, but was still afraid.

Gore’s body was not found until late that night.

Betty and Allan Gore lived in Wylie with their two little girls. Allan Gore was out of town on a business trip. When he couldn’t reach his wife by phone, he had neighbors check the house. They walked into the house and a grisly discovery: the bloodied remains of Betty Gore in the utility room, a baby crying in her crib, left unattended all that time.

There were bloody footprints and fingerprints, including one on the Gores’ freezer. I think they also found hair and other tissue traces in the shower. If I remember correctly, Candy had cleaned herself off in the Gore home after the murder. Soon we learned that this quiet woman had hacked her best friend to death, 28 blows to her head.

It was surreal.

Candace Montgomery and Allan Gore had had an affair that, she testified, ended months before the murder. The couples were “good friends”. In fact, on the day of the murder, the Gore’s child was in Montgomery’s care. She went over to the Gore’s house while the kids played at her her’s to pick up a bathing suit for Lisa Gore, age 5, who had spent the night at the Montgomery house.

What she testified in court was that Betty Gore had confronted Montgomery about the affair. Betty Gore was angry. Montgomery said that Gore went after her with an ax. The two struggled, and somehow Montgomery got control of the ax. She told the court that Betty Gore told her to “Shhhh” — and that triggered a response she didn’t know she had deep inside. Indeed,  a psychiatrist testified that the “Shhhh” uttered by Gore unleashed a repressed childhood memory from Gore that made her lose control, fueled an inner rage from her childhood, and resulted in the repeated blows that ultimately killed Gore.

“I hit her. I hit her. And I hit her. She fell slowly, almost to a sitting position. I kept hitting her. And hitting her. … I felt so guilty, so dirty. I felt so ashamed.”

But what about the house where this murder took place? 410 Dogwood Drive. Who lives there? Is it a happy house? According to Weiss’ story, people still drive by it.

The Montgomery’s moved to Atlanta, and she apparently became a counselor; Allan Gore remarried (quickly, which always shocked me) and he also moved away. Apparently, that marriage ended in divorce, and Betty’s parents raised the two daughters, who must be nearing their 40’s now. Sadly, Candace Montgomery’s skilled defense attorney, Don Crowder, took his own life in 1998. At the time, I recall talk that he had a brilliant career before him after her acquittal.

Like I said, you cannot make this stuff up.

Then two Dallas journalists, John Bloom and Jim Atkinson, wrote a book about the murder called Evidence of Love, upon which a movie was made called Killing in a Small Town, starring Barbara Hershey.

Maybe the next thing is to make a movie about that poor house.betty-gore-house

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  1. R. Rehbein says

    Re: “In fact, on the day of the murder, the Gore’s child was in Montgomery’s care.”

    You mean “Gores’,” not “Gore’s.”

    Gores’ would be plural possessive while Gore’s would be singular possessive.

    If you had written “On the day of the murder, Gore’s child was in Montgomery’s care,” then that would have worked, because you would be referring to only one of the Gores, but adding the word “the” indicates that you’re referring to both Gores, as in “the Gores’ child.”

    Re: “She went over to the Gore’s house while the kids played at her her’s to pick up a bathing suit for Lisa Gore.”

    Oops. This is more than just a typo. You made the same mistake in two consecutive sentences.

    It should be written as, “She went over to the Gores’ house,” not “the Gore’s house.”

    Oh, and I do see an actual typo – you have “her” written twice in that sentence, back to back. However, I will tell you what is not a typo – that you added an apostrophe to “hers,” making it “her’s.” There is no such word. “Hers” – without an apostrophe – indicates singular possessive. “Her’s,” as you wrote it, would translate to “her is,” which would make the sentence something like, “She went over to the Gore’s [sic] house while the kids played at ‘her is’ to pick up a bathing suit.”

    Her is? Her is what?


    So you are a journalist, or have worked in such capacity in the past?

    You indicate in this 2014 article that in 1980, you were just a few years younger than the 30-year old victim, Betty Gore. So you were probably born in the mid 1950’s. There is no excuse for your horrid writing. You were born well before the unfortunate and outrageous “dumbing down of America” commenced.

    It is egregious enough that reputable newspapers and magazines are now replete with errors and dreadfully poor writing, and have professional, yet thoroughly incompetent writers and journalists working for them.

    However, someone from your generation should not be among the semi-literate writers we showcase today. Shame on you.

    • KSEubanks says

      You seriously decided to leave a comment to correct someone’s grammar, spelling, and punctuation? You **do** know none of that stuff has anything at all to do with this article…right?
      Wow, just wow…

      • TxDRtooSlow says

        She should have been found guilty. She’s as guilty as the other texas ladies, like Darlie Routier. GUILTY!

      • Heatherfeather says

        What kind of person spends that much time obsessing over someone’s grammatical errors?
        And writes such a nasty ten page angry diatribe of a response?
        Someone needs to come down a few notches and lighten up!

    • John Tate says

      Grammar Nazis amuse me. Do you have no life? You say there’s no excuse for the writer’s “horrid writing.” I think there’s no excuse for your horrid attack that rambled on and on like it was a such a terrible crime that made countless people suffer. Shame on you.

    • Michele Gavillan says


    • Shelly says

      Some people are beyond petty. Grammar police are always unpopular, especially nowadays. And I bet I spelled “nowadays” wrong.

  2. JournalistJulia says

    Hi! I am writing a news piece over the anniversary of the trial and was wondering if ou had any sources you could give me?


  3. Gurgle says

    JournalistJulia, Candace Montgomery is a counselor in Dawsonville, GA. She goes by her maiden name Wheeler, but easy to google. Allan Gore is on Facebook as are both his daughters. Doesn’t seem that Candace would ever comment, but perhaps Mr. Gore and his children would be willing to interviewed.

  4. Veronica says

    From the brutality that Candy committed should never be forgiven. The whole story sounds weird about the struggle Candy went through with Betty. Very disturbing but an innocent person was botched up and a woman that did that horrid thing got off scot free. Karma does have a way to come back and bite you in the ass.

  5. emily gold says

    The way I see the truth is that CM and her team (lawyer, psychologist/psychiatrist) and whoever else it may have included inverted what had happened. I even believe that they moved around the time that things occurred in their version of the story. It is already obvious that CM was never a real friend to BG. CM was never really over her affair AG, but that he was over with it.
    So being inverting I mean I think CM was always the aggressor and reversed the story. She put the blame on the woman she murdered. I believe she hit BG in the back of the head right away and then BG was in big trouble from the start. CM’s sunglasses were found in the garage to reports I’ve read before like she went in the garage and got the ax losing her glasses. And there is just much more. It was already known how BG was quiet and had mental problems and had already had a stay in a mental place. That was a reason Plano ISD disqualified her from sources I got many years ago after the murder. BG was a teacher to someone I’m close to and I heard some things about her as a teacher.
    As far as CM goes it is obvious that she is/was dangerously crazy. I must be a big reason why she is in a counseling field. It’s very scary. I think it proves a lot in itself of her guilt that it was an offensive murder and not a defensive one.
    I don’t know how old Hartman elementary is but probably not old enough for BG to have taught there. I’m very close to someone who taught at that school and says that small objects like pencils would fly 10 to 20 feet off of tables and filing cabinets and such during quiet times when one or two teachers were working while the students were out of the room.

    • KB says

      I think after the assailant herself described how she killed an innocent woman, wife, mother and teacher; then took a shower and went on with her day like nothing happened, even after admitting she had an affair with the woman’s husband, but yet found NOT guilty by jurors is the real CRIME!!
      Those 12 jurors should have been locked up in her place for letting her go free, along with psychiatric treatment. What a bunch of boobs! Justice was definitely BLIND in this case.

      • Still Angry says

        I live in Mckinney and was here at the time.,The prosecutor Tom Ryan messed up that trial! He withheld important evidence such as Montgomery’s sun glasses which were found in the garage! That means she went into that garage to get that axe! But the jury was totallyvto blame! They didn’t see all of the evidence. She should at least have been locked into a mental facility for along time!

  6. Michelle Quinn says

    People Mrs mcgomery got off with. She served her time in a mental hospital now she is free living up North and got her degree as a Pyscologist can you image the advice she gives to people.
    Mrs Gore was my teacher and deserves a lot of respect and honor. She was a GREAT teacher I remember seeing her everyday after school teaching a girl from Mexico how to speak,read and write English. Mrs Gore bragged on her husband and the day she was killed Mr Gore was in Paris France on a business trip. He had sent her a dozen roses to school. Mrs Gore told the class she was pregnant and was waiting for her husband to come home and surprise him.
    I always wondered if Mr. Gore was behind his wife’s murder because of the life insurance and the fact he got remarried soon after Mrs Gore’s death

    • Chris says

      It was Summertime, she was not in school teaching at the time! It’s always amazing how people want to claim they know someone when in fact they never did. I’m 50 years old and was 13 years old when this happened, and we lived a subdivision over from where The Gores lived and killing took place, I remember being scared to death to stay home by myself and at night even my mom was scared if my dad wasn’t home, but the biggest memory is one day shortly after they knew it was Candice that did the killing and we drove past her going through the subdivision and even at 13 years old it terrified me, Candice changed her hair to red and it was short and really curly and she looked Evil, her face literally looked evil! Thank God shortly after this happened we moved ( not because of this).

    • Michele Gavillan says

      First I’d like to say I’m so sorry for the loss of your good teacher she didn’t deserve that my heart goes out to her kids, family, friends she didn’t deserve that that was so horrible I still don’t get how that which was able to walk away and to become a psychologist are you kidding me I wonder whatever happened to Mrs. Gore’s kids he knew that chick he was messing what was unstable he probably planned the whole thing somehow because the Mary 2 months after something so horrific happened to your wife and you have kids by it just makes you wonder definitely wouldn’t surprise me if he did. I do know there was absolutely no type of justice for Mrs. Gore or her babies none at all

  7. Chris says

    I forgot to add I know who it was making the prank phone calls and they were NOT to the Gore family or Betty’s Husband, the calls were made to Candy and they were taunting phone calls telling first “We know you killed Betty” then they were “You think you got away with Murder” I was surprised they brought up the phone calls on the show I watched on the ID Channel.

  8. Lisa says

    I just looked her up, she has 2 stars for ratings and a 1 star in google ratings, so must not be a great counselor – shocker.

    • DeeDee says

      I remember seeing the movie based on this when I was younger. I was so shocked to find out that this lunatic got off. She never even showed any remorse, and to this day, it angers me. Where is Karma? Something should have smacked this evil whench right in her face long before now, but it hasn’t. Betty’s kids had to grow up without a mother, because of this woman, AND their dad who couldn’t keep it in his pants. UGH! I hadn’t thought about this story in years until tonight when I watched a show about it on the ID channel. I got pissed all over again. What she did needs to be plastered all over the news, the newspapers in the city where she lives, etc. She needs to get hit in the face with this on a daily basis. And one last thing, the fact that she had the gall to become a counselor, angers me even more. How is she going to counsel others when she obviously has issues of her own.

  9. Brenda letts says

    I can’t help wonder what really happened that day. I mean, candy went to Betty’s house to pick up the bathing suit. Betty was packing for a trip to go away with her husband. Maybe candy never got over the fact that the affair had been ended. Maybe she wanted what Betty had, her husband and her lifestyle. Maybe, just maybe, Betty knew absolutely nothing about the affair. She was just excited about her upcoming getaway with her husband. Candy was jealous that Betty had her husband back and he loved her enough to go to the marriage retreat and he realized that he didn’t want to lose what he had. I can imagine Candy telling Betty about the affair! Wanting to hurt her emotionally. Probably rubbing it in her face. Starting a fight that started as verbal then became physical when Candy found an ax and attacked her. There’s no doubt that Betty was terrified of that lunatic. Betty was the victim NOT Candy!!
    Whatever happened that Friday, June 13, 1980, Candy Montgomery got away with murder. She’s a cold blooded murderer that should’ve been put to death.

    • Cee says

      This is what I think happened as well. Candy started it verbally and then it escalated to pushing, shoving, hitting. All of it took place in the utility room or started elsewhere and moved into the utility room. Candy saw the ax. It was hanging in the garage, if I remember correctly, where the swimsuit was that she was supposed to pick up. She saw it, grabbed it, and went to town on that poor lady. Self-defense my patooty.

  10. Pamela J says

    Candace is a psychopath and a pathological liar. Her whole “remembering” thing under that phony hypnosis garbage was beyond stupid. Made the jurors sound like a bunch of backwoods hicks. I knew in the 70’s that hypnosis was crap and I was in grade school back then. Only on TV or in the movies do psychics, hypnosis and telekinetic powers work. They don’t work in real life. Anyone claiming they’ve experienced a “real case” is either a gullible idiot or someone working as or for a con artist. SMH
    Candace should have gone to jail for life! The only good news IS that one day she will have to stand before Jesus and be held accountable for any sins she has not sincerely repented of.

  11. Karen Sweatman says

    Another case of outrageous injustice. What shocks me is that it occured in Texas. Texans were fooled by a woman who faked being hypnotized. They believed the word “shhh” sent her into a state of “insanity” which caused her to butcher another woman with an ax, striking over 40 blows? She was so insane, she cleaned up, turned the newspaper to The Shining advertisement in hopes of making it look like a crazed copycat killer. Let’s not overlook the fact that she had an affair with the victim’s husband who left her to go back to his wife. She had all the motive in the world. The way she lied and covered up afterwards indicated she is a dishonest sociopath by nature. Perhaps most troubling of all is the fact that Texas let someone found to be criminally insane just walk free. No hospitalization, no meds, no psychiatric evaluation as to how safe this woman is to be in society? If someone says “shhh” to her, what will happen? Another gruesome murder? Of coarse not, because it was all fabricated nonsense. It’s absolutely mind boggling how anyone believed her lies. I hope this manipulative murderer rots in hell. That is where she belongs. As for the jurors who decided not to hold her accountable, perhaps we should be giving potential jurors IQ tests, because the rationale of this jury defies logic, and enters the realm of sheer stupidity.

  12. Shasta Brown says

    “She had been hacked to death by someone wielding an ax an estimated 41 times.”

    The way this sentence reads is someone wielded the ax 41 times, when it was really one incident in which the victim was hit 41 times.

    The defending attorney killed himself in 1999 not 1998.

  13. Carrie says

    I’ve always been fascinated by this case, and unlike a lot of people I believe it happens as described in the movie. Fight or flight response. Do any of us know what we would do when confronted by someone holding an ax? Would you just crouch in a corner and let the person hit you with it? Or would you fight hoping you would come out on the winning end? Well, let’s just hope none of us has to find out for sure. I think the horror of being in that situation is worse than any of us can imagine, and the response to it would be very primal, much like the movie. Maybe Candace becoming a psychologist was her way of coping with what she had done, maybe she wanted to understand what happened and help others in some way. I’m sure Betty Gore was a great person and great teacher, and people here may have known her. But they didn’t know her in *that* situation. No one really knows what they are capable of unless they have ever been in the same situation.

    • Seriously says

      I disagree. Fight or FLIGHT against a person swinging heavy 3 foot long ax while Im next to an open garage and unarmed…id choose FLIGHT.

    • Dimension X says

      Are you daft? “Fight or flight,” you hit someone until they are down, then you flee. Anything more goes beyond self-defense. In this case, 41 blows from an ax, goes FAR beyond self-defense.

  14. R.Gar says

    I’m so disgusted that Candy Montgomery walked free!!! She butchered a woman and because a sleazy attorney twists the story, this butcher walked free!!! Disgusting!!! No justice for the victims family. I hope Candy never enjoys life on this earth again!! She caused this from the start!, A selfish, selfish woman, shame on her and anyone, especially those supposed “church” people for supporting her!!! Shame on Allen the damn whimp, what a spineless, loser husband he was!!!!

  15. Dimension X says

    She got away with murder. What she did went way beyond self-defense. It seems Karma has not caught up with her; I hope she is deeply unhappy to the bottom of her soul, and remains unhappy until the day she makes a full confession.

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