Ebby Halliday Cuts The Ribbon at Namesake House That Will Help Former Foster Children Stand on Their Own

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Sabrina Porter, Juliette Fowler Communities CEO, with Ebby Halliday Acers at the dedication of The Ebby House (Photo: Courtesy)

When a child enters foster care, there are already so many obstacles placed in front of them that seem insurmountable. And consider what happens when a child turns 18 and has no family or support system to turn to. The obstacles just keep piling up.

Every year, about 1,500 young Texans age out of the foster care system. Before the age of 21, many of them face severe outcomes due to lack of family and adult connections. To counteract those negative trends, the Juliette Fowler Communities in Lakewood have partnered with Dallas businesses to create The Ebby House.

They couldn’t have picked a better person to model their program for, as Ebby Halliday Acers is one of the most influential businesswomen in America. Her story is one of hard work and an incredible work ethic, building up the biggest real estate brand in North Texas after coming from practically nothing.

The Ebby House is an innovative transitional community for young women who have aged out of foster care, is a program that seeks to reverse negative trends and outcomes faced by these young women by offering them a home to live in and mentors to love them while learning to become self-reliant, entrepreneurial volunteers and mentors themselves, which is reflective of the values and life of Ebby Halliday Acers.


“Ebby and Juliette Fowler Communities believe that these traits are the hallmarks of an empowered individual for our future,” said Sabrina R. Porter, President & CEO of Juliette Fowler Communities. “The Ebby House is a solution-based program that can serve up to 16 women at a time for a period of 12 to 24 months.”





With the help of the non-profit groups, Dwell with Dignity, and the women’s service organization, Dallas Junior Forum, COMERICA Bank, and contractor David Oliver and Olicon, Inc., Juliette Fowler Communities dedicated the new building on May 21, with Ebby herself cutting the ribbon.

“Using a strengths perspective, The Ebby House will inspire, empower, and help these young women achieve their goals and dreams,” said Kristen Mazza, the new Executive Director of The Ebby House. “By utilizing existing resources and equipping them with new resources, The Ebby House and the programs we offer can make a difference in young women’s lives thus impacting each of our communities.”

The project opens this summer at 1220 Abrams Road.

 “Knowing that The Ebby House will be a place for young girls to reach their potential is just wonderful,” Ebby said.

Here are a few more facts about the project and what it hopes to accomplish. Congrats, Ebby and Juliette Fowler Communities on a wonderful project!

The Ebby House is located at 1220 Abrams Road, Dallas 75214 and is part of Juliette Fowler Communities.

A transitional housing and mentoring program for young women who have aged-out of foster care, The Ebby House is designed to prepare these residents, ages 18-24, for a successful life.

The solution-based program will will seek to change the outcomes for young women who have no family connections. Statistics from the Foster Care Alumni of America are heartbreaking:

-84% become a parent within 2-4 years after leaving foster care
-51% are unemployed
-50% are homeless
-30% are receiving public assistance
-25% are in prison

The Ebby House will help change these statistics by providing community and connection and teaching about quality, compassion, honor, innovation, and stewardship.These single young women will live in a residential home under the guidance of a Residential Mentor on the Fowler grounds for 12 to 24 months, where they will benefit from the wisdom of our elders and our many volunteers.

Through our partnerships and our professional expertise, these young women will be mentored in life skills (hygiene, health and wellness, personal finance, etc.), communication and computer skills, career guidance, opportunities for education beyond high school/GED and job training, and volunteerism.

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  1. Brenda Marks says

    Kudos to all involved. This is so needed. I feel so for kids coming out of foster care when the turn 18. They are literally put out on the street. CitiSquare is also doing great work in this area. Hope to see this grow and flourish.

  2. Cheryl Tredway says

    What a fabulous program. Hope to see more like this and also ones for the young men as well.

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