Take This Fun Quiz to Find Your Design Style


OK, it’s Wednesday morning, and we’re right in the middle of the week. I’ve never understood why this day should rather unfortunately be called Hump Day, but there it is. So, in honor of Wednesday, we have a fun little diversion for you.

Purveyor of office furniture and cabinetry, Sauder Furniture has put together this great little quiz to help people find out what furniture style would be most aesthetically pleasing. While I don’t see myself purchasing from the Sauder collections in the near future, I do like the quiz, which is pretty accurate. Heck, I just like easy quizzes I can take on the Internet.

Sauder has me pegged as “Modern.” Pretty much on the nose, right? I bet Candy is “Traditional,” or even “Transitional,” if that was an option. Want to find out your design style? Take the quiz, and tell us your result!