So Who All Lives in Westlake? The Rich and Famous: Dallas Real Estate News

So just who all lives in Westlake — or rather Vaquero, the toniest of the luxury developments out there off Dove Road? Glenn Beck. Mark Charles Teixeira. Chuck Greenberg. Jonas Brothers fam — Kevin and Danielle moved to LA last October. Ben Crane, K.J. Choi, Todd Hamilton (was leasing but closed on his house one month ago), plus Tiger Wood’s ex- golf instructor Hank Haney. Lots of baseball celebs: Vernon Wells, who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays, is building a 15,000 -plus square foot home, as is the ex-CEO of Exxon-Mobile. Vanessa Swarovski, heir to the famous crystal family, is the owner of the home Glenn Beck is leasing. Matthew Rose, CEO of Burlington Northern Santa Fe lives there. Who have I forgotten? Justin Leonard, whose home was Realtor Eleanor Mowery Sheets’ first listing in Vaquero.

Justin Leonard lived here

Kevin & Danielle Jonas

Mark Teixiera's place

Glenn Beck aka Swarovski's

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