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Carmel Valley Aerial

I know it’s a hot market and several properties are gone before they even hit MLS, and those that do get listed often are under contract within days or weeks. There are bidding wars, back-up bids, and tons of competition. Truly, you have to have a stiff upper lip and be prepared for heartbreak. But what you don’t ever, ever do is what this San Diego woman did when she lost the bidding war for her Carmel Valley dream home.


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5801 Hillcrest Front

If you’re looking for high-end residential leasing in the Park Cities, just go ahead and dial up the Dave Perry-Miller offices, because it seems like they have curbed the market! Seriously, just about every single lease I’ve found in Highland Park and University Park is listed with a Dave Perry-Miller associate. (more…)

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943 Bridget Front

You guys, it’s getting super hard to find a Tuesday $200K these days. I’m having to search high and low, and I remember the good old days about 13 months ago where I had my pick of listings, just a bunch of cute houses staring at me adoringly as I cruised MLS. Today, well, to find a good home in this price range you have to have your ear to the ground.


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It’s Tax Day, and while you’re frantically double checking your forms to make sure you got every single deduction, don’t forget that there are a slew of tax benefits to being a homeowner. We scoured the IRS site and the web to compile this list of deductions many homeowners can claim. For a more exhaustive list, check out this “Taxopedia” from Kiplingers.

For a the top 10 deductions for homeowners, jump!


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Best Neighborhoods for Millenials Niche Graphic

Being a Millennial, I think there’s a lot of truth in this listicle from Niche.com, offering insight in the top 25 cities where adults ages 25 – 34 want to live. Some of it is kind of cliche, including New York (Brooklyn, natch) scoring a place at No. 1 , but other spots are accurate and insightful.

Austin nabs the No. 2 spot and Dallas/Fort Worth comes in No. 8, with Houston trailing far behind at No. 21. Austin and Dallas are in good company among the top 10 cities for Millennials, with “world-class” cities such as Washington, D.C. (No. 3), Chicago (No. 4), San Francisco (No. 5), Boston (No. 6), Denver (No. 7), Minneapolis – St. Paul (No. 9), and San Diego (No. 10).

So, why did our little Texas towns make the list? According to the story by Forbes:


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In the Park Cities, homes are often "spoken for" as soon as there's a sign out front.

In the Park Cities, homes are often “spoken for” as soon as there’s a sign out front.

From the accounts told by Realtors over cocktails, you’d think buying and selling a home in Dallas was a bloodsport. But whether agents, buyers, and sellers are turning around enough offers and counters to die a death by a million paper cuts is under some dispute. That is, if you’re one to believe studies from national sources.
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Last week we featured the amazing condo of Christopher Ridolfi inside the historic midcentury highrise 3525 Turtle Creek. This building has entertained stars and royalty, the famous and the infamous, and now it can entertain YOU! Yes, you can win a pair of tickets to the Turtle Creek Home Tour and see inside Ridolfi’s gorgeous unit within the Howard Meyer-designed building that has become the “Grand Dame of Turtle Creek.”