04/24/14 3:31pm


From Sarah Dodd of Dodd Communications, the PR firm hired by Burgin and Kopf:

Developers Lyle Burgin and Rick Kopf have decided to suspend their efforts to build a restaurant on Boy Scout Hill at White Rock Lake.

“We both firmly believe that the concept would be an excellent amenity for all of the citizens of Dallas, but the present time is not the right time. We thank all of the individuals and groups that have voiced their support. And we will see you at the lake!”

-Lyle Burgin and Rick Kopf

This comes on the heels of the extremely contentious town hall, at which scads of homeowners shouted down the plan to build a restaurant on Boy Scout Hill. At the end of the meeting, District 9 City Council member Sheffie Kadane declared his opposition to the project. We’ll provide reaction from homeowners as we get it.

UPDATE: The terms “present time” and “suspend” aren’t resting easy with those opposed to new development surrounding White Rock Lake. Hal Barker, one of the “Save Boy Scout Hill” organizers, said this on the group’s Facebook page:

The goal now is to convince the City Council and Park Board to declare areas such as Boy Scout Hill and Winfrey Point no development zones in perpetuity. The overall battle is not won until such a development is impossible


04/24/14 3:13pm


Britt Lopez was quick to point out that you shouldn’t get turned off by this home’s address. This house is on the sleepy side of Skillman Street, near Lipscomb Elementary. It’s not the busy side, which is north of Live Oak Street, instead it’s inside Munger Place, a fantastic district with an abundance of different architectural styles.

And this home is beautiful both inside and out, thanks to the sellers’ hard work. Truly, 707 Skillman is an example of sellers who have done everything right, using great design and materials, but still needed the networking and sales power of a well-connected Realtor. In fact, Britt sent this listing to us last week, and we had already planned on featuring a different Thursday Three Hundred, but as things happen in this amazingly hot market, and as it goes with homes that have finish-out that will make any homebuyer salivate, this incredible property is already under option contract.


04/24/14 11:50am


This year’s Suburbia Music Festival lineup is amazing, y’all. Some of my favorite acts are going to be onstage at this incredible event, and I’m so sad I’m going to miss it because a dear friend of mine decided to get married the weekend of May 3. Don’t worry, I’ve been giving her round-trip tickets to Guiltville for a while. Kidding! (Maybe.)

But you, my friend, can win two VIP passes to this incredible music festival in our own little burb of Plano, Texas. Thanks to the generosity of the amazing folks at VIVO Realty. They’re staging a super fun photo contest for people who really love Plano, just like VIVO Realty does. Jump to find out how you can win!


04/23/14 1:51pm

4242 Lomo Alto Dining

Every time I see an incredible condo swathed in white carpet and upholstery, I always think about how I could never live there because folks, I am accident prone and I love red wine. When I bought my first nice piece of furniture (an antique cane-back chair with gorgeous blue and white damask upholstery) I was so afraid to sit in it because I couldn’t bear the thought of staining it. It has since been reupholstered with a lovely cocoa nubby linen, with a liberal coat of Scotchgard.

But what I wouldn’t give to live in our lease of the week, a divine penthouse in Highland Park’s Crestmark condos. Unit 112 is simply ethereal, and the views are unmatched! You can lease it for a tidy $6,000 a month through Allie Beth Allman herself.


04/23/14 11:39am

photo (32)

When I arrived at the Boy Scout Hill town hall meeting, there was a line forming out the door from a table handing out green lapel ribbons and thumbs up/down signs for attendees. According to a volunteer named Susan at the table, the ribbons showed support for an unsullied Boy Scout Hill, while the signs were for attendees to use to quietly indicate whether they liked or disliked what presenters Lyle Burgin and Richard Kopf had to say. I have covered town hall meetings before, so I know they can get out of hand quite quickly, but this level of preparedness left me hopeful.


04/22/14 3:58pm


As it turns out, I drove by Boy Scout Hill almost every single day and I didn’t even know it. Hailed as “virgin Blackland Prairie” and as a habitat for wildlife surrounding White Rock Lake, this hill is at the southwest corner of Mockingbird and Buckner Boulevard, just before the overpass to Old Lake Highlands and Peavy Road.

But after plans came to light that nearby residents and developers Lyle Burgin and Richard Kopf wanted to build a restaurant and parking lot on Boy Scout Hill, nearby residents objected in the way they usually do — signs were printed and placed in front yards all over neighborhoods surrounding White Rock Lake, protests and pickets were organized, and a website was constructed.


04/22/14 3:09pm

6933 Wake Forrest Front

According to Vishaan Chakrabarti’s essay in last Sunday’s Dallas Morning News Points section, America has an addiction to suburbs that isn’t sustainable, and as more young people move back into the urban core, the federal government will need to de-emphasize its policies that have propagated suburban sprawl:

For all of the attention showered on hipster enclaves like Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and Portland, Ore., America is only in the beginning stages of a historic urban reordering. After over a half-century of depopulation, cities have been filling up — and not just with young millennials, but with families and even with older workers and retirees.

This reordering, should it continue, will have dramatic consequences for our politics and society — but only if the federal government undertakes its own historic reordering and shifts its priorities away from promoting the suburbs.

Interesting thoughts. A lot of the “reordering” Chakrabarti describes is illustrated well by Dallas’ booming inside-the-loop neighborhoods, places where you can buy a home inside the city limits and have only a 20 minute commute to downtown. But these are places where you can still enjoy things like a lawn, great neighbors, and some room to breathe. It’s a contrast to Chakrabarti’s vision of city life, which is dense, mass-transit-infused, and walkable.

But make no mistake, these areas are still very much Dallas, and there are some benefits to living inside LBJ despite the suburban feel that crosses into anathema for those new urbanists. Take University Terrace, for example.


04/22/14 12:32pm
It's spring! Break out the tasty cocktails!

It’s spring! Break out the tasty cocktails!

Capital Distributing invites you to “Step into Spring” next Tuesday, April 29, for its SubZero/Wolf happy hour. The fun and flavors let loose at 4 p.m. at the Stemmons Freeway showroom, where they’ll have delicious drinks and appetizers, as well as a demonstration of some of their amazing kitchen appliances.

Check out some hot steam ovens from Wolf and some of the incredibly cool SubZero freezers and fridges from which Sous Chef Rebecca Osborn will craft tasty treats for those who attend.

Space for this event is limited, so be sure to RSVP by April 27 (that’s Sunday) to reserve your spot. Email jennifer@capitaldistributing.com to sign up!