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Candy Evans is one of the nation’s leading real estate reporters, bloggers and consultants. She reports on Dallas real estate for WFAA-TV’s Daybreak with Ron Corning, and is frequently called as a real estate expert by other Dallas media. She is also a real-estate editor for CultureMap Dallas. She even has her own web-based Real estate show called, The Party Line. Candy has written for AOL Real Estate, and is a guest blogger for Joel Kotkin’s The New Geography, Inman Real Estate News plus a host of national sites. Candy was a longtime contributing editor to Dallas’ D Magazine and sister pubs, and in 2007 founded the wildly successful Dallas real estate blog, DallasDirt. That’s where she broke the news on where former president George W. Bush bought his Dallas home in 2008. She is the founder and publisher of an exciting platform of Dallas-based real estate sites including, devoted to the vacation home market, and her signature, everything you need to know about real estate in North Texas. And yes, we are still psyched about the GOLD! In 2013, was named Best Blog by the venerable National Association of Real Estate Editors, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious journalism associations, and the only association for journalists covering real estate, home and urban design.

05/24/16 12:49pm

Where home prices are surging the most, and see how dwindling inventory affects that:

Metropolitan Area
Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI)
YoY Home Value Change
Percent Inventory Change for All Homes
Bottom-Tier Percent Inventory Change
Middle-Tier Percent Inventory Change
Top-Tier Percent Inventory Change
Condo Percent Inventory Change
Denver, CO $336,600 15.2% 0.1% -2.3% 15.3% -4.8% 6.8%
Portland, OR $325,400 15.1% -31.6% -39.8% -39.0% -21.6% -43.5%
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX $183,700 12.6% -21.0% -32.1% -35.1% -11.9% -33.6%
San Jose, CA $962,400 12.3% 1.3% -3.8% 3.2% 5.8% 7.1%
Seattle, WA $386,300 11.6% -21.1% -28.5% -20.9% -15.6% -23.9%
Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL $232,800 10.5% 18.0% 10.3% 16.6% 21.9% 28.7%
San Francisco, CA $806,800 10.0% -2.1% -14.9% 0.1% 6.1% 11.9%
Tampa, FL $165,600 9.7% -16.2% -27.9% -19.3% -8.1% -12.8%
Austin, TX $250,400 8.9% 2.6% n/a n/a n/a 20.6%
Phoenix, AZ $220,600 8.8% -8.0% -20.2% -6.6% -4.1% -15.6%
Source: Zillow
05/24/16 12:36pm

Lombardy lane ArlingtonDid your parents help you buy your first house? I know that down payment money is not supposed to be “borrowed,” but it can be a cash gift.

Of course, with a Fannie Mae loan, you can put down as little as 3 percent for a down payment, but there are strict limits on the prices of properties.  I think this cute $165,000 1950s ranch in Westwood, Arlington would work. The giant mortgage service company that is publicly traded but also quasi owned by the Federal government went on a quest to find out what kind of assistance young adults get from their parents, and how that assistance impacts their likelihood of buying a home.

We are all bemoaning the drop in homeownership among young adults: since the Real Estate bust, homeownership rates of households headed by 25- to 34-year-olds has fallen by nearly 10 percent, to 36.9 percent in 2014, when it was almost 46 percent in 2006.Lombardy lane Arlington.jpg kitchen

Of course, 2006 was the era of easy peasy money, no income documentation loans, etc. It clearly helped young home buyers.

So do kids buy more real estate if mom and dad make it easier to get a loan because they help with the down payment?


05/24/16 10:40am
Mariposa del Lago | Fort Worth, TX | Luxury Real Estate

Mariposa del Lago | Fort Worth, TX | Luxury Real Estate

I had heard this was coming down the pike. The price is very interesting. You may recall that last fall, Fort Worth billionaire John Goff, a self-made man, and founder and CEO of Crescent Real Estate Holdings, and his wife Cami, were all set to sell their super fantastic lake property at Eagle Mountain Lake at auction October 8. There was TONS of publicity. As soon as we broke the story, Candace Carlisle over at the DBJ, wrote about it, and even asked Mr. Goff if he was “sad” to be selling the compound:

Are you sad to be auctioning off your Eagle Mountain lake house? It is sad. We love the property and we had so many good times there. We decided to go this auction process because it’s sometimes hard to bring attention to a property that’s not in an inner city and is in a destination like that. We have successfully used this auction process in some of our business ventures when we have had second homes we developed and so we decided to try it and it’s bittersweet. We are adding on and renovating a place in Fort Worth. We are just long on houses.

How many houses do you have? I’d rather not say. We have homes in Cabo and Colorado and we travel a lot.

Mariposa del Lago | Fort Worth, TX | Luxury Real Estate

The lake estate was listed with Kyle Crews and Allie Beth Allman, and the auction was commanded by the sharp, busy folks at Concierge Auctions, based in Austin.

There was TONS of interest, too, not to mention at least four registered bidders, which is pretty darn amazing for a property said to have $8 million or more in it. A pre-emptive offer on the gorgeous retreat came in 24 hours before the auction was set to begin. So the agents and Concierge folks decided to work that offer, and postpone the auction.  The gated retreat, known as Mariposa del Lago, or “Butterfly of the Lake,” (based on the tremendous number of monarch butterfly migration patterns on the grounds each year) has been the Goff’s central family retreat for the couples’ five children since 2001.


05/20/16 5:10pm

2505 Lake Rideg road grapevine ext 2

The sun is out, finally, and maybe we are all thinking about getting on the water next weekend? After all, Memorial Day is just around the corner. But the thought of all that traffic…

I have an idea.lake Grapevine

Get a home on Lake Grapevine, a second home that could someday be a first. Maybe four couples buy in, create a private fractional? That way you will be (1) 30 minutes away from a weekend full of water fun and (2) 10 minutes away from DFW. In fact, you could catch all early morning flight from now on and probably save enough on airfare to cover the HOA’s here and more — they are ONLY $350 a year for the association and another $350 a year for the boat dock.

Wait, did I say boat dock? On Lake Grapevine?

2505 Lake ridge ridge rd grapevine ext

Yes! (more…)

05/20/16 12:32pm

What a Great Dog

This irony escaped most of the mainstream media: while a street woman was mauled by a pack of wild dogs in the bowels of South Dallas in early May, a SECOND store dedicated to teaching dogs manners opened in a Richardson strip mall.

WHAT A GREAT DOG! opened a second location at 655 Glenville Drive, just east of Highway 75 and south of Arapaho Road. That’s more than 15,000 square feet of private lessons and group classes in pet manners, puppy school, dog agility, obedience, AKC Rally, nose work, and tricks.

Yes, dog tricks.

This will be the company’s second location in the metroplex, the first being in Frisco. Dan Spika and Scott Axelrod of Henry S. Miller Brokerage’s Industrial Division closed on the lease. Henry S. Miller Companies is one of Texas’ largest family owned full service commercial real estate firms. Obviously, there are thousands of people who care enough for their dogs to take them to classes at What a Great Dog! Though I love the training guidelines of The Monks of New Skete, you can count on me to bring in our new puppy when he or she arrives.

See, Dallas doesn’t have a dog problem, it has a stupid people problem.

So I found the Dallas Morning News’s call for the resignation of DAS’ Animal Services Director Jody Jones this week way off base. Cluelessness and headline sucking at its worst. It reminded me of the dark days of “health care reform” when “experts” would be telling physicians in the trenches what they should be doing for chronically ill patients: tell them that they need to stop smoking and watch their diet. Oh yes and exercise. Yep, just tell them and, like fairy dust, they will listen and be transformed into compliant little patients. (more…)

05/19/16 6:09pm

Robin McMonigle

When you are as naturally gorgeous as Robin, of course the press adores you. And she would have been a snazzy cast member with the other gals on Real Housewives of Dallas. Robin is stunningly beautiful, blonde, tall and thin. She’d totally give Cary Deuber something to fret about. I can see the script now: Robin takes Dr. Mark Deuber out to look at second home properties in Switzerland or Jackson Hole, and soon he is be-smitten with the natural beauty who happens to be a mother of four. A SINGLE mother of four.

But according to the Dallas Observer, she turned down a spot on the cast:

While living in Orange County, McMonigle and her ex-husband were high-profile real estate agents, sometimes selling $75 million homes. Because of her relationships with the people purchasing these homes — also high-profile and wealthy, McMonigle says theHousewives casting agents would regularly call her for help casting people.Once she moved to Dallas, the phone calls continued. But instead, casting agents wanted her in front of the camera.

“Originally, I talked to Rich Bye who has Goodbye [Pictures] and they’re play on the show was that it was women and inspiring women who had lost it all and come back and how they juggle career and family,” she says. “And so that’s how the show was pitched to me, not pitched to me as Housewives. So I entertained that because I’m a single mom with four kids and I sell residential real estate, so I thought that might be helpful to other people to kind of hear my story and encourage them and all the single moms out there who work and have kids.”

Then as the show evolved, Robin realized it was a Real Housewives show, and decided it made no sense for her, especially after she “Googled the shows producers,” whatever that means.

“It just didn’t make sense for me to pursue it any further,” says Robin.

Perhaps she’s holding out for something better?RHOD



Peavy 1

Okay, here we go again: photos from the Real Estate Crypt. Here is another moderately priced home, $325,00. And here is not just another amateur photography job BUT! we have glowing cameos of the cat litter box that shouts THIS HOUSE WILL PROBABLY SMELL OF CAT PEE! We have a close up of the mail box, one of the most important rooms in the house. We have an open toilet with a wooden seat, a crammed kitchen, and oh yes: we have lovely exterior brick. All in Lake Highlands (cough cough) Estates.

655 Peavy brick wall

People, I do not want to be mean. I am sure this house has challenges, to put it mildly. It is begging for major surgery. But in a digital world, don’t you want to at least put on a little bit of lipstick? 

“Great spot on Peavy across from Hexter Elementary. Backyard is full of greenery with enclosed chicken coop. Add some updating and youlove love to make this your home.” Updating? Try a blow torch. I don’t know if there are good bones to this house because I cannot see them, only a brick wall and a concrete drive. Oh yes and one newish HVAC unit. I only know there is almost a quarter of an acre, three bedrooms, two baths, and a little over 1100 square feet where people are currently really living apparently.

Oh yes, and how can I forget? A really nice mailbox.


Nice wire hanging down the house, nicer weeds

mailbox 655 Peavy (more…)

05/18/16 11:49am


Transwestern Tear Down

The 35 year old apartments at the corner of Preston and Northwest Highway are gone. Late last week, the entire south block of Town House Row was gone. By the time I venture south today, the entire north side may be gone as well. Every time I drive by this portion of Preston Center “Behind The Pink Wall”, I say a silent prayer for the miracle that Transwestern actually did get to proceed ahead with it’s plans to raze these town homes  — charming as they were — and fill them with luxury apartments. New luxury apartments filled with fresh air. I say this even though we are in the midst of Preservation Month.NE-corner-Preston-Northwest-Highway-570x400


It appears that some of the town homes may have contained asbestos:

I hope the progress Behind the Pink Wall will help more people understand that as much as we hate change and tearing down the past, sometimes it has to happen with balance. Town House Row was charming, but it was not Swiss Avenue or The Alexander Mansion. We built homes differently in the ’50s and ’60s. Today we build with more energy efficiency and insulation and we wire homes for high tech systems. There are buildings Behind the Pink Wall with knob and tube wiring. Some don’t have grounded outlets. Asbestos is a very dangerous building product that was once put into buildings because of it’s fireproof characteristics, but it has been proven to cause Mesothelioma cancer.  (more…)