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Candy Evans is one of the nation’s leading real estate reporters, bloggers and consultants. She reports on Dallas real estate for WFAA-TV’s Daybreak with Ron Corning, and is frequently called as a real estate expert by other Dallas media. She is also a real-estate editor for CultureMap Dallas. She even has her own web-based Real estate show called, The Party Line. Candy has written for AOL Real Estate, and is a guest blogger for Joel Kotkin’s The New Geography, Inman Real Estate News plus a host of national sites. Candy was a longtime contributing editor to Dallas’ D Magazine and sister pubs, and in 2007 founded the wildly successful Dallas real estate blog, DallasDirt. That’s where she broke the news on where former president George W. Bush bought his Dallas home in 2008. She is the founder and publisher of an exciting platform of Dallas-based real estate sites including, devoted to the vacation home market, and her signature, everything you need to know about real estate in North Texas. And yes, we are still psyched about the GOLD! In 2013, was named Best Blog by the venerable National Association of Real Estate Editors, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious journalism associations, and the only association for journalists covering real estate, home and urban design.

10/02/14 8:35am

Rupert Murdoch

I have been preaching this since I started blogging about Real Estate: Real Estate and the web are a perfect marriage, a match made in heaven. Print advertising is great for branding and luxurious story-telling, but it cannot help you market homes effectively. It’s too old, too slow, too expensive. Online is where EVERYONE looks for real estate — to quote Tony Ruggeri of Republic Property Group when I asked if most of their clients came from the web:

“Show me a client that does NOT come from the web,” he challenged me.

I’ve spent a little time in Midland recently, and even people in West Texas are all over the internet looking for land.

The Zillow-Trulia merger shocked the real estate world, as agents wondered what was next. Would Zulia, with it’s huge audience, try to take over listings or become it’s own MLS? Was this the end of the agent as we know it? (more…)

10/02/14 12:23am

Laura Miller house 2

Don’t know if this is Part One of a multi-part series, or a great stand-alone piece, but as promised, Eric Nicholson over at The Dallas Observer asks the question most of us ask as we peruse that stucco jungle of cars, one-way streets, and quite possibly the ugliest parking garage in the US, Preston Center. I am talking Preston Center west side, not east side. That question? Why in the ef is this place such a friggin’ mess when it is nestled between two of the richest neighborhoods in the U.S? Where is the Rodeo Drive-esque strip of cute little pricey stores? Why is it not more like Highland Park Village, or Coral Gables, Florida, where George Merrick once bragged that every business was just two blocks away. Coral Gables Miracle Mile is famous for beautiful designer stores, boutiques, food markets, handcrafted specialties and great clothing. Preston Center west is famous for the skateboarders who slide down the ramp in the old Foleys parking garage.

Truck at Preston center (more…)

10/01/14 8:46am

Rupert Murdoch

I cannot even begin to fathom what this means, can you? But it sure seems smart and, well, like a big huge fat checkmate for Zulia — that is, Zillow and Trulia.

(Recall Zillow is acquiring Trulia, to gain a huge market share in online real estate listings and news. The entire world of real estate is freaking somewhat.)

Murdoch’s News Corp, mega behemoth media giant, will acquire all of Move’s outstanding shares and take over the company. Apparently, they have the full blessings of the National Association of Realtors. Move, of course, has a unique contract with the NAR to post listings from all the various members of NAR across the country — the agents. That is why website content is more accurate than Zillow or Trulia’s.  Murdoch’s gonna have fun with this one. He’s now got the data straight from the horse’s mouth. Yippee! Expect many more real estate shows on television, and a totally jazzed up site which is, frankly, what needs. (more…)

10/01/14 2:08am

Trevino Country-estate-ext-1

It was sooo hard not to tell you who’s house this was back when Ralph Randall had it listed, but there is one thing I pride myself on, and that is my ability to keep confidences. And so, when I wrote up this exquisite home on Park Lane in Sunnybrook Estates listed for — wait, I could not even tell you what it listed for — I said it was beautiful, but I cannot tell you who owns it. Well now, FINALLY, the Wall Street Journal has spilled the beans: the home belongs to golfing great Lee Trevino and his wife, Claudia. I have been in the house a few times for events and, when Ralph had it listed, a book event. The Trevinos never wanted Ralph (or anyone) to reveal that this was their home. And that is perfectly understandable. Just makes it kind of hard to sell the house, a 10,000 square foot house! (Note: these photos were taken when Ralph had the listing — Penny is likely having the home re-shot.) (more…)

09/29/14 11:24pm

10770Inwood131L.jpg (1)

If you have lived in Preston Hollow or the Hockaday Royal/Inwood area for any length of time, you know this house. It is at the southeast corner of Royal Lane and Inwood Road. Kind of looks like Downton Abbey. Built in 1991 by a physician (Ophthalmologist) and his attorney wife, the home is known for having been completed in stages because the owners said, at the time, (in a Dallas Morning News article I cannot locate) they incurred no debt in buying or building this house. Which is pretty amazing considering that most folks in 1991 wanted it all RIGHT NOW. (more…)

09/29/14 5:24pm

Highland House

“Somewhere in Preston Hollow, Laura Miller is wiping clean the dagger with which she eviscerated two proposed apartment developments at Preston Road and Northwest Highway”

It’s been a few weeks now since Transwestern walked away, probably as far away as they could run, from the months-long, up-and-down, costly, and then down down down-to-four-stories saga of trying to bring a luxurious apartment complex to the corner of Preston Road and Northwest Highway in Preston Hollow. The “just say no” signs are still up in some yards, as if the homeowners were out of the country and didn’t get the message that it’s over. OVER. Transwestern walked, and Luke Crosland sold to former city council candidate Leland Burke. (more…)

09/26/14 9:53am

IHOTW 7022-Lakeshore-ext

I was in Lakewood earlier this week looking at a stunning, stunning home I will show you in a bit. Unfortunately, I had to rush home because our fire alarm was going off — false alarm, thank God– so I had to leave the area lickety-split. Otherwise, I’d probably still be there.

White Rock Lake is so gorgeous — I don’t care what anyone says. It’s water, and it moves. Looking at that sunlight glistening off of the ripples just infuses you with a calming peace. While my alarm company was blowing up my phone, I looked at that water and thought, well, who cares, we have insurance. Then I recalled that Bree (the Doodle) was in the house, so I got my adrenaline all pumped up and ran home as fast as I could. (more…)

09/24/14 1:10am

Remuda Dr. Caliber HOTW

This is undeniably one of the most unique properties in North Texas, designed by and renovated by progressive Dutch architect named Matthijs Melchiors. Melchiors took a 1500 square foot earth home, partially built into a hillside, added square footage and all his green sensibilities to maximize energy efficiency. The result is a stunning contemporary home with some of the lowest utility bills in North Texas.

The home,  456 Remuda Drive in Fort Worth, has 12 thick lower level concrete exterior walls. They not only provide a superior thermal envelope, but double as a storm shelter in bad weather. We know how vital that is in North Texas.

The home is exactly 3000 square feet, that’s 1500 up and 1500 down. There are three bedrooms and three and a half baths. The home was originally built in 1981 on 1.25 acres as an earth home underground. Melchiors and his family bought the house in 2007 and went about doing what he does best: green design. They lived in it the entire time during the construction and remodelling.

“Most of what I do centers around green design,” says the architect. “It took me a long time to experiment. The downstairs was 1500 square feet underground so we doubled the size of the house. We live upstairs during the day, and all the bedrooms are located downstairs in the earth home. It took a lot of planning, but the house is very light and bright. The all concrete construction downstairs basically warms the upstairs. The utilities are $100 a month for electricity.” (more…)