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Candy Evans is one of the nation’s leading real estate reporters, bloggers and consultants. She reports on Dallas real estate for WFAA-TV’s Daybreak with Ron Corning, and is frequently called as a real estate expert by other Dallas media. She is also a real-estate editor for CultureMap Dallas. She even has her own web-based Real estate show called, The Party Line. Candy has written for AOL Real Estate, and is a guest blogger for Joel Kotkin’s The New Geography, Inman Real Estate News plus a host of national sites. Candy was a longtime contributing editor to Dallas’ D Magazine and sister pubs, and in 2007 founded the wildly successful Dallas real estate blog, DallasDirt. That’s where she broke the news on where former president George W. Bush bought his Dallas home in 2008. She is the founder and publisher of an exciting platform of Dallas-based real estate sites including, devoted to the vacation home market, and her signature, everything you need to know about real estate in North Texas. And yes, we are still psyched about the GOLD! In 2013, was named Best Blog by the venerable National Association of Real Estate Editors, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious journalism associations, and the only association for journalists covering real estate, home and urban design.

07/29/14 10:28pm

Tom Horvath

The best thing about going to Real Estate Connect in San Francisco is meeting up with all the innovative tech folks trying to streamline the real estate industry for agents and, ultimately, consumers.

Yeah, Zillow and Trulia were once one of them.

They dangle and display their wares for the media. One of the most exciting innovators I interviewed last week was Tom Horvath, CEO and founder of Tumlis.  Tumlis is a Bay-area brokerage that provides free lead generation and customer relationship management services to agents. Tumlis also just released a really great home pricing module called REALizer – a groundbreaking, proprietary real estate dashboard that agents can use with clients to accurately price homes and analyze market timing, among other things. (more…)

07/29/14 1:48am

SamsCityplaceAccording to Robert Wilonsky, who was at the hearing — and I would have been there, too, had it not been for this Zulia deal — he thought…  

“Judge Phyllis Lister Brown was going to side with the East Village Association and grant their request for a temporary injunction in the case involving the Sam’s Club Trammell Crow Company wants to build in the shadow of Cityplace. She chided the city and Trammell Crow for their “lack of transparency” in zoning documents and notices sent to nearby residents impacted by the Big Box. She made it clear she was unhappy with how the process failed the residents living next to a 150,000-square foot Big Box that will dropped in their proverbial front and back yards. She spoke of having to make a “difficult” decision.”

Yep, been there. That’s how judges operate. You think you have them convinced of the law, and opposing counsel says something, they swing back to the other side. Ultimately Judge Brown said the city had done just enough to force her to deny the residents’ request for a temporary injunction. So Sam’s Club can file for a building permit as early tomorrow. (more…)

07/28/14 11:30pm

It’s been a day trying to interpret and predict the future of the real estate industry. Good grief! Jeff Farris of BubbleLife Media reminded me that seven years ago, we didn’t have a verb called “google.” I was just getting an iphone. I started a “blob” called DallasDirt!

We think maybe in another five to seven years, we may have a verb called “Zillow” or “Zulia” as in : did you Zillow (or Zulia) that house?

What this means to the real estate industry: Zillow, now married to Trulia with a pretty sizable dowry, will have much more money, efficiency and power than the splintered MLS’s across the country. As Rob Hahn pointed out: they did a $3.5 billion deal that united two real estate giants in 6 WEEKS! Speed kills the competition. (more…)

InmanConnect7.11DeidreWPeteFlynn-007We told you this was up last week. Well Inman broke the story this morning with a Tweet I got around 8 a.m. which means it was only 6 a.m. in California. While the John Wiley Price et al arrest of the “Texas Four” is all anyone is talking about at the water cooler today, you might want to shift your radar over to this: (more…)

07/28/14 3:28am

7525 Villanova extHere is a celebrity home in Dallas that can be swooped up for a tab bit over one million dollars and is as loaded, if not more so, than it’s pricier brethren. In fact, you had darn well better take a look because… well, because!

First of all, location with a triple capital “L”: Caruth Hills. Yes, you are in Dallas but you are just west of Boedecker and south of Northwest Highway in a quadrant I have christened “Perfection”. Why? Well, think about it: Northpark Mall is almost walking distance (when it’s not 100 degrees out, OK) and if you need to run to Tom Thumb or The Container Store, it’s five minutes. Central is super close, and the Dallas North Tollway is only a little further west. Then there is Preston Center, my favorite intersection in Dallas. Yes, it needs improvements, and they are coming, but Preston Center is home to Sprinkles, R&D (which is basically my second office), Taco Diner, hair salons, Tootsies, retail, Houstons, and we haven’t even yet crossed Preston to the west side. This is an area we are focusing on for a move should we ever sell our fabulous homestead because of the proximity to all highways and Presbyterian Hospital. With apologies to the Walkable Crowd, we still need to get around Dallas in a car, especially if you have a grand baby in East Dallas. (more…)

07/28/14 2:32am

The Terrace


Recall it was almost one year ago to the day when we heard that all of Kathy Nealy’s financial troubles were the fault of the FBI? We posted photos of a similar Terrace House condo, unit 616, to the one Kathy Nealy lost to tax foreclosure last August — 2323 North Houston, Suite 216. Commenters gave me grief for saying the condo would sell for $300,000 to $350,000.

Well, they still may be right, but it hasn’t sold yet.  A Realist AVM values the two bedroom, two bath unit somewhere between $242,865 and $396,253. (more…)