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05/27/15 2:05am


I was thinking the only thing worse than living with all this rain and mud and mess is living where there is a whole lot more mud & mess all the time – like the country. Horse farms. So I reached out to our Farm & Ranch correspondent on, Kathryn Roan, who is ready to hit the next person who says, “but we need this rain”!  Imagine living in the country where there is dirt everywhere, which is now slimy mud everywhere, because the ground has been getting saturated for about 90 days. Almost half the days in April were rainy. And the grass is out of control, but you cannot mow, no way, because tractors get stuck in the mud. So every country property looks like an overgrown jungle. Have they sold out of Snake-Away at WalMart yet?

Arenas have become ponds, and swimming pools have overflowed to the point where you cannot tell where the puddles or pool begin. Sure is fun… who wants to take clients out in this?


05/26/15 2:05pm

fin heeelsUpdate, 10:47 p.m.: Virginia Cook agent Angela Downs says she wears these:


You know, I am beginning to wonder if we need to start changing the way we build our homes to accommodate all this friggin’ rain. We certainly need to change our shoes.

We have a big porch but our grill is in the open, so we had to cook with rain hats on yesterday. Note to self: next home, grill will be covered! I am grateful for my turf-covered doggie yard: next house, the entire YARD will be turf.

I was going to look at a house last week, then heard it was taken off the market because one room got some water in the house. If your home sits low, that can be a problem. We had a home (long gone!) that had a converted garage that did flood a couple of times. I packed towels all around the baseboards. But I never could get that dank smell out until July.

If you are buying, this is probably the best time ever to check out a home. This is unprecedented rainfall, but you will see how the home weathers water, lots of water. See where it flows -away from the house? Any moats in the back-yard?

I went up to tour Windsong Ranch on Friday, and man was it muddy. Looking at real estate just involves mud sometimes. So I have taken these steps: (more…)

05/26/15 12:57pm

Greenbrier $950 635657440772825000_HC8_ext_1600x1200_NP

While flipping the filets yesterday, while it was pouring rain, I was aghast that I had left you with the impression that only a gadzillionaire could afford a vacation home at The Greenbrier. In fact, the Greenbrier Sporting Club is one of the best values in vacation home properties. I showed you a $5 million house, how about one for UNDER a million?

Lookie here: while the Sporting Club LOTS start at about $150,000, here is a 3-bedroom retreat, within close proximity to the resort, for less than a million. $989,900 to be exact. Reduced even.

And at this point I could at least grill on a LOT without rain seasoning the food! (more…)

05/25/15 5:06am

Greenbrier Sporting Club: 7000 sft, 5 bedrooms, wine cellar, billiards room, pool, hot tub, grill, bocce ball court, apartment: $5.995.

It was about this time last year that Kyle Crews, Juli Harrison, and Doris Jacobs all of Allie Beth Allman, and I hopped a plane to Charlestown, West Virginia to visit the one of the most beautiful, breath-taking and affordable vacation home spots in the nation: the Greenbrier Sporting Club.

Why I am telling you this story now? First of all, it’s the beginning of the vacation home season, and we should all be there, dry and happy and out of the rain. We are going back in a few weeks.

Secondly, I am sick of the rain. I know we need it, but this is getting ridiculous. Does Mother Nature know nothing but feast or famine? The only good news is that we may be able to sell some of this water to parched places in West Texas.

Then, the owner of the Greenbrier, Jim Justice, is running for governor of West Virginia in a self-funded campaign. The self-made billionaire was in Dallas last fall at an event benefiting Arlington Hall at Lee Park, visiting with some local owners – - there are a handful of folks in Dallas who own vacation homes at the Greenbrier, and more are interested. The Sporting Club will get even more interesting if Justice wins the governors race –

Greenbrier in Dallas Jim Justice and ABA

Jim Justice with Allie Beth & Pierce Allman, Judy Pittman, Dave Perry-Miller

Justice’s wealth easily trumps Rockefeller’s. The 64-year-old built a $1.7 billion fortune in coal and agriculture, and has painted himself a job creator who bought and restored The Greenbrier historic resort.

The values are unprecedented. When you see the resort, one of the oldest and largest in the country, and experience the magnificent homes and mountain home-sites that surround it, you will fall in love and seriously consider making your second home at the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

Mountain mama, take me home.

2014-05-18 Greenbrier 2014 (6)

I come ready to hike!


4636 Chapel Hill IHOTW

Remember that movie, “Under The Tuscan Sun?” This home evokes images of that film, and we hope that it can soon evoke some Dallas sunshine a la Tuscany where the rainfall is 35.9 inches per year, or only 3 inches per month. The wettest weather is in November (4.4 inches of rainfall) and the driest is in July (1.6 inches). This is the region of Italy where Chianti is produced. Looking ahead at another week of monsoon season, I am so hoping this home, designed by architect Charles Travis, can inspire our climate to DRY UP! Look at this: 5.56 inches of rain in April! What else can we do but stay inside and look at House Candy!

4636 Chapel Hill Road has one of the most beautiful sites in Dallas: nestled along a 1.57 acre stretch of White Rock Lake. Yes, this is the house you run by or push the stroller by if you frequent the lake, and I know you have always wondered what was behind that big huge rock marker…

The sun will shine again someday

The sun will shine again someday…


05/21/15 3:36pm

The spiral staircase is the second most dramatic feature inside this Booziotis-designed home. The first would be the enormous windows that give you stunning views of the Trinity and downtown Dallas. (Photo: Jo England)

It’s no secret that civic leader extraordinaire Mary McDermott Cook has made her home in West Dallas, giving up a stunning spread on Strait Lane down the street from Ross and Margot Perot, Brint Ryan, and all the other Dallas glitterati who line that street.  The Dallas Morning News first spilled the beans in 2012. It was, indeed, the bluff above the Belmont Hotel where Mary built one of the most talked-about and architecturally significant homes in Dallas with the talent of architect Bill Booziotis and contractor John Sebastian. (more…)

05/21/15 12:05pm

Oklahoma house_damage

This was a luncheon I would have liked to attend, but it would have really shaken me up:

Joshua Marrow, technical director for Partner Engineering and Science Inc. who, for years, has studied large seismic events in California and other hot spots around the world including, now, North Texas, spoke to The Dallas Chapter of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Wednesday at the Park City’s Club in Preston Center.

While he started by explaining that there are fault lines in North Texas, but they haven’t historically caused felt earthquakes, he ended by saying that could be all wrong. Our area has definitely been movin’ and groovin’ lately… and we wrote about Earthquake insurance way back. (more…)

05/21/15 1:45am

Mark Fleming Headshot 04.06.15

This is Mark Fleming, the Chief Economist at First American, who tells us the market capacity for existing home sales is increasing, up 1.3% in April. That’s good news: what it means is that more Americans can afford to buy homes because of strong employment. But we are still having a problem with supply, not just here in North Texas, but pretty much everywhere, because sellers are selling high to cover insufficient equity: (more…)