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07/27/15 10:27am
With the changes happening at the Dallas Morning News, will the new content still be built on the "Rock of Truth?"

Changes are happening at The Dallas Morning News

Despite this fact, Realtors spent $1.5 billion to market listings in print last year. I didn’t write this, but I sure have said it over and over and over again:

Agents and brokers keep using tired tactics that no longer produce results. Here’s a prime example: Despite the fact that only 1 percent of homebuyers found their home in print newspapers or traditional media, real estate agents spent $1.5 billion to market in newspapers last year.

Say you are buying a home, and you interview your real estate agent to ask what he or she is going to do to help market your home.

“I advertise it in the local newspaper and some magazines,” says Suzie Q. Agent.

Really? Does it work?

“Oh yes,” says Susie.

How do you know? Show me the numbers, baby, is what you need to say. Would you let your stockbroker choose a stock this way?

No way! You never really know who reads an ad. There is no way to share it, unless you clip it and snail mail it off to your grandmother. Agents tell me they mostly hear from friends who are NOT buying a house.

“Saw your ad, looks great.”

Isn’t that branding? And while I’m at it, does having your agent’s face on a billboard help sell homes?

So it comes with great sadness that I read how many fine, talented journalists are leaving the Dallas Morning News this fall because of the tremendous changes transforming the print industry to online: at least 40 of a total of 167 buyouts. Many of the journalists on this list will leave starting (shudder) Sept. 11:


07/27/15 9:56am

Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe (KEITH BEDFORD/GLOBE STAFF)

The buzz in Kennebunkport this summer is, once again, the Bush family. They are well loved in these parts. Not only have they had a busy summer of birthday parties and a trip to Maine Medical in Portland, in May the Boston Globe broke the story about a 3,000 square foot “summer cottage” being built for the Jeb Bush family at Walker’s Point just as he commences his presidential campaign:

Jeb Bush, who has a longtime relationship with this seaside town where generations of Bushes have vacationed, is having a house built for him at the family compound on Walker’s Point, with a wraparound porch and expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The home, on a 1.3-acre site assessed by the town at $1.4 million, was initiated for him by his mother and father, who have tried to preserve the family ties to the picturesque property.




07/24/15 4:35pm


Remember that wild McKinney pool party last month that ended up with a member of the McKinney police force (Eric Casebolt) resigning after being kind of a jerk, a bunch of fighting, angry parents, accusations of racism and kids climbing over the fence to get into a private pool? One woman even hired Gloria Allred as her attorney after Wells Fargo allegedly asked her to step down from her job.

Walk-in to front cover patio


4425 Southern Front

This is a home with an “Omm” moment. It’s so beautiful, I may have to meditate to calm down. I am so impressed with the construction, materials, lines and design we just might have to cut our Maine vacation short (what’s the temp in Dallas right now? I’m freezing!) to wrap a ribbon around this house.

Wrap it up and make it home!

Alex Roostai of Dave Perry-Miller — there’s a change, Alex used to be at Allie Beth Allman — is showing off this sleek stunner by Danes Custom Homes. The builder is his uncle, Ben Roostai, whose work I have watched for years. This is a new take on transitional with a lot of bright whiteness but some very warming wood touches. (more…)

07/23/15 3:00pm

Fredrick Eklund with JP Piccinini for the ribbon cutting at the Plano office


Sponsored By JP and Associates REALTORS.

In the last two years JP and Associates REALTORS has grown by 1000%... Coming to a city near you!

Created By BlankSlate

If this real estate name is not on the tip of your tongue yet, it may well be very soon: JP and Associates REALTORS is one of the fastest-growing real estate brokerages in Dallas Fort Worth, and on its way to becoming the Southwest Airlines of real estate brokerages.

I’ll explain why in a second.

In the last two years, JP and Associates REALTORS has grown by an unprecedented 1000%. The founder, Giuseppe (JP) Piccinini launched his firm with only two associates out of his Frisco home in November of 2011. Four years later, he is nearing 300 agents and applicants knocking down his door. Of course the process isn’t easy-peasy, so why does everyone want to hang their license with the charming Italian-born immigrant?

JP dazzles me with his genuine smile and continental charm. But he is most certainly a ringleader.

“I was an agent, and I know what agents want as an agent,” says JP. “You always have to benefit the agent more than the broker. I know what I wanted as an agent and I have it right here.” (more…)

07/23/15 12:07am

West End 1

Community activism seems to be in full swing everywhere despite the heat.  Jason Roberts is in New York City, taking part in The New York Times’ Cities For Tomorrow Conference, rubbing shoulders with Julián Castro (secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development), William J. Bratton (New York City’s police commissioner), Muriel Bowser (mayor of Washington, D.C.), and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Fox among other VIPs. Roberts is the community activist who ignored city zoning to introduce his “The Better Block Project” — or, as he describes it, “a ‘living block’ art installation” to parts of “light industrial” Oak Cliff. His point was to prove it’s possible to turn an area zoned “light industrial” into something that’s actually livable and walkable. (more…)

07/21/15 12:54am

Drakes Beach 1Let’s just call this my “on vacation in Maine” version of Monday Morning Millionaire. I am already running on island time, not dressing, wearing a bathing suit and flip flops. Why did I even bring make-up?

Maybe that’s why I am ready to buy 11 Lobster Lane, an adorable Cape Cod tucked away on a private little lane not exactly on the beach but right across the street from this:

Drakes Beach 2

You have heard me talk about Drake’s Island before. It’s where my family has been summering for years, my husband for years before that. The island is not very big and there are no commercial anythings in the area, just seven miles of pristine beach, the river to the nationally recognized Wells Estuarine Research Reserve at Laudholm Farm and the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Preserve. Wells is the first town off the Island Road, and Kennebunkport is just up the coast. We can see the Colony Hotel from the beach.11 Lobster lane ext (more…)