It’s my mansion and I LOVE it! This is what we call a STEAL! Darling uber contemporary condo at 3883 Turtle Creek Blvd., otherwise known as Twenty-One Turtle Creek Condos, unit 701 is a one-bedroom, one bath, one living area deal — 862 square feet in all. You do get a garage spot, too. The view is like Za Za Gabor used to say, “I just adore a Pent House view!”. The unit is way over-designed inside, which is great for the buyer: museum sculpted walls, Brazilian floors, art lighting & an open gourmet limestone kitchen with all stainless steel appliances. The living room is 16 by 24 feet long. Then there’s the master, 11 by 16, including a mammoth “executive closet” — I like the sound of that! — the size of DFW. I love love love the limestone bath and double shower.

But I really, really like that the owners ventured out to bring in a most unique commode, one made of stainless steel, costing we are told about $5,000. It’s like sitting on art, apparently. Maybe it should be in the new Perot Museum?

I totally get the finish-out in this $139,000 home; it will make some lucky buyer very, very happy. Whoops, just saw the house is listed at $139,900, $900 more I guess for the terlit. What I don’t get is why there are only two photos of the rooms when you can have  36. You have a dang Rolls Royce for a toilet, why not flaunt it? I know this is a smaller unit, but come on agents, get creative. It took my darling Kristian Petersen to sit down on that fancy pants commode and tell me all about it for me to let you know. And then, of course, the world!