Windsor Place

Back in Berkley Place and guess who we run into? It’s Ruth Story of the Ruth Story Group, naturally, who has made Berkley Place her turf and area of expertise. And what a perfect plum of a listing she has landed at 2225 Windsor Place. This sort of house used to be fairly plentiful in, say, University Park, but has become an endangered species having been torn down by the dozens. There may be new builds in Berkley Place resulting from tear-downs, but I can’t think of any (nor do I want to know of any).

Curb appeal? Abundant. Arched openings, dappled brick, and a Spanish tile roof are the materials comprising the charming, rambling façade. Though not symmetrical, the plan is rational, comprised of a strong central core and two, smaller, wings. One frames the  porte-cochère, the other houses the garden room. The central bay is broken by a chimney and symmetrically disposed windows above and below, on either side. On the right is arched, columned entrance which steps forward from the wall plane.

Windsor Place


On my way home a few weeks ago, I saw an “Open House” sign in front of 2017 Windsor Place in Berkeley Place. And, it was in the middle of the week around five o’clock in the afternoon. Inside I met up with Ruth Story, head of the Ruth Story group, a boutique agency created in 2003 under the umbrella of Keller Williams Fort Worth. Ruth Story is truly a family operation with Ruth’s husband, Rick, specializing in ranch and farmland sales and daughter, Kati, concentrating on new construction like Walsh.

“Odd time for an open house,” I opine.

“We find we pull in more serious buyers during the week, though we still do week end open houses,” explained Ruth.

Inventory in Berkeley Place is famously low, with listings on the market for  60 days or less. And, access to highly rated Lily B. Clayton Elementary School creates a strong draw for young families to this old, Near Southside neighborhood. (more…)