Armed with scant facts and heavy hyperbole, hired hand Brett Shipp held a “press conference” next to Preston Tower Wednesday morning to bemoan the PD-15 zoning case that will finally land in the hands of the Dallas City Council (for better or worse) on September 11.

Around 50 to 60 people attended. As Robert Wilonsky dubbed them, “the party of no,” consisted of the same handful of people including Bill Kritzer, Carla Percival-Young, and Steve Dawson — all of whom you will see featured in any other press coverage. But not all were there to protest development. I stood with a dozen who supported the city’s recommendations.

Those against the restructuring of PD-15, which includes much of the neighborhoods behind the Pink Wall at Preston Road and Northwest Highway, also continued their upwards march on how opposed the area is to the city’s plan. We’ve seen 60 percent, then 70, now we’re up to 80 percent opposition. The funny thing is, their numbers aren’t swelling. With that much opposition, “the party of no” this morning would have swelled to hundreds, but it hasn’t.

And of course, this press conference was choreographed …


endangered places

I was just alerted to the story WFAA-TV’s Tanya Eiserer ran on the 5 pm news this evening depicting a recent supposedly “noisy music wedding” at Aldredge House. It came on the personal Facebook page of Dallas Observer reporter Jim Schutze.

Here’s the thing: Schutze was at the wedding.

Eiserer said that “loud parties continue and soon will get worse” at Aldredge House — not true. There will be no more weddings. The one in the video was in October and one of only two weddings at the home, owned by the Dallas County Medical Society Alliance, of which I am a member, in two years. Eiserer interviewed the same few neighbors who complained originally. The evidence she used was a two-year old tape (made before the Alliance fired the caterer who got us in this mess) and then “loud wedding music” allegedly from the October wedding in the video, which was made by the next door neighbor, Nick McCune.

Oh and she mis-spelled the name of the DCMSA president, Barenda Hino as Harenda.

What she didn’t say was the music heard on the video was being played a full block from the Aldredge house.

Stanley (Stephanie Stanley, who lives behind the Aldredge House) cited a wedding that was held there one afternoon in the rose garden that ended when a New Orleans-style band marched down the street.

“It was like being at a band practice or a street in New Orleans,” Stanley said.

Hino (Barenda, president of the DCMSA) said it was one of only two weddings allowed at the home in the past two years. She said it was a family that lived nearby and their daughter had always dreamed of a getting married at the Aldredge House. Hino said the band did not start playing until it left the grounds of Aldredge House as the wedding party marched toward the family’s home on Bryant Parkway.

She said they had permission from the residents on Bryant Parkway for the band.

As Schutze says on his FB post, “She didn’t even try to come back to the bit about things being about to get worse. She did not allow the Aldredge house spokesperson to fully rebut the video. This was a hit job planted by a paid flak, and 8 bought it:” (more…)