Just in time for Vacation Home Week, we found this very favorite listing of our’s in Watercolor, Florida, one of our very favorite second home spots, on the bargain table. This is like when you find a Firenzie handbag on sale at Neimans — you know it doesn’t belong there, but it’s there and reduced and you snap it up faster than you can locate your credit card. That’s exactly what you need to do with this house. If you know anything about Watercolor and the panhandle Gulf coast of Florida, you will know what a steal this home is.

Located in the heart of Watercolor, 401 Western Lake Drive, less than a five minute walk to the beach, this home is now less than $3 million! (more…)

When it comes to homes, anyways. Cannot say I blame him, and I think he has great taste in the places he chooses to live. Wonder if he is buying the younger Jonas place over there on Rock Dove Court….

Here are more photos of the Payton family’s second home in Watercolor, Florida, compete with outside shower. How wonderful is an outside shower?

Plus a romantic spot to watch the sun setting over the Texas Gulf.