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City Hall has been incredibly quiet about the Humann Foundation proposal for Fair Park.  We thought it would be on the agenda last Wednesday, when the City harangued the budget. In fact, money is in the new city budget for the Foundation’s first year.

But no word. We assume, that is, I assume, that the three City Council peeps assigned to hammer out the contract that was unappealing to the City Council August 30 are still working away.

Or this could be the reason. Mayor Rawlings has received an email from at least one developer (that we know of) asking for 30 days to get another proposal on the table:

From: Monte Anderson <>

Date: September 20, 2016 at 3:56:26 PM CDT

To: Mike Rawlings <>


Subject: Request to Submit Proposal for Fair Park

Dear Mayor Rawlings,

Michael Jenkins and I have put together a team to present an alternative proposal for the management of Fair Park.  We think we can improve upon the economics of the Humann Plan that is currently being considered.

We are asking you for 30 days to present our proposal.


Monte Anderson

Options Real Estate


Whoa Nelly: is this another plan for Fair Park that might include a park from the get go?

When it comes to developers who have had incredible success developing real estate in the not so savory neighborhoods of Dallas, the name Monte Anderson comes to mind rapidly. (more…)

White people on their annual pilgrimage to Fair Park

While the Dallas City Council — well, at least the three appointed Council members Mayor Rawlings asked to work on it — are busy re-shaping the Fair Park proposal that was presented to the entire Council by Walt Humann on August 29, others are still trying to slow the train. The City Council meets on September 21 to finalize the changes, accept or reject the plan. Word is the vote will be 10 for, 5 against.

Mayor Rawlings is now comparing Fair Park to Obamacare. “President Obama said “we gotta get health care done” and then he powered through it”…  that’s how Rawlings wants to “power through” Fair park Care.

Last Saturday morning, a lively panel discussion about Fair Park took place at Paul Quinn College sponsored by the African American Leadership Institute and state senator Royce West.

At the podium were Mayor Rawlings, Walt Humann, Don Williams, Royce West, John Wiley Price and Michael Phillips (author of White Metropolis). The panel was said to be full of fireworks.

Well, now you can take a look for yourself. We’ve posted some of the shorter videos here. You can clearly see that the audience was not pleased with the Mayor’s plan. Listen for the applause after Don Williams spoke. Folks like the notion of getting a park first and serious economic development underway, not just more low paying jobs mowing lawns etc. John Wiley Price –yes! — was amazing. Oh and the 800 lb. gorilla was mentioned, too.

But my favorite part was how Mike Rawlings compared the urgency for getting this plan shoved through to Obamacare: sometimes you just have to get ‘her done. Even if it turns out to be as messed up as Obamacare.



One of the many natural areas at Fair Park Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography

One of the many natural areas at Fair Park Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography

The drama, intrigue, calls for transparency and social media campaigns are escalating this weekend. For something I knew very little about until the Candy’sDirt #DecisionFairPark meeting on Thursday, it seems like I’m now becoming a source. As I said in my post about giving Walt Humann a Chance, I hadn’t seen any of the documents related to this.

Today the Friends of Fair Park were kind enough to post links to what is being discussed tomorrow at City Hall. We are passing these along – here are The Fair Park Texas Foundation Preliminary Budget, Agenda, and Proposed Management Agreement With Fair Park Texas Foundation.

I haven’t had a chance to read them yet – Candy wanted to be sure that I shared these with our readers first.

Hope to see you tomorrow at City Hall – I’ll be the one with the State Fair of Texas Tshirt on!

People have asked about the details if you would like to come and experience this in person (also provided by Friends of Fair Park):

Monday, August 29, 2016
1 p.m.
(Please allow plenty of time to park, walk, and pass through the main security entrance on City Hall’s north side)

Dallas City Hall, 1500 Marilla, 75201 | Map:
Enter the main entrance on the north side of Dallas City Hall. This entrance is closest to the large, round reflecting pool with its two, red floating sculptures.

Metered parking is available in the lot immediately south of City Hall. It is also available along Young and Browder Streets on the north and east sides of City Hall. Additional paid parking lots can be found south of City Hall.

Tiffinni Young

Matisha Ward is the daughter of Antoinette Brown, the poor woman who was mauled to death in the city of Dallas by a pack of wild dogs in south Dallas last May 9. While her poor mother was on life support, Dallas City Councilwoman Tiffini Young, who represents the Fair park neighborhood, contacted her and apparently tried to solicit business for an attorney friend by encouraging Ms. Ward to sue the city of Dallas. 

Brett Shipp reported on WFAA-TV that the lawyer she introduced Ms. Ward to, Chris Chestnut, is a college friend of Young’s. He also reports that Ms. Ward recorded the entire conversation.

But today the Dallas lawyer Ms. Ward hired, Tom Carse, filed suit against the City Councilwoman and Chestnut (who practices in Atlanta and Florida, where he has been reprimanded by the state bar) for “barratry and solicitation of professional employment.” Barratry is a third degree felony in Texas. She is seeking half a million in damages.

She is also considering suing the city of Dallas. Guess Young put the bug in her ear.

“When Mrs. Ward said ‘I’ve talked to a lawyer’ and when the response was ‘call me,’ as opposed to, ‘I wish you the best,’ and drop it, Young didn’t drop it,” Carse said.

Chestnut told News 8 neither he nor Young did anything wrong. “I perceive it as Ms. Young trying to help a constituent who just lost her mom tragically in a horrific death,” Chestnut said when reached about the allegations. “She was just following up with the lady to see if I could help.”

Young told News 8 she was only trying to help Ward and even assisted her in setting up a Go Fund Me page to help pay for her mother’s funeral.

By suing the city of Dallas. Lets see, half a million dollars… that’s 11 years of a new hire police rookie for 11 years.

From Tiffinni Young’s City Council profile:

Ms. Young was appointed to serve on the inaugural City of Dallas Youth Commission in 1994 and later appointed to the Park & Recreation Board to represent District 4 and District 7, respectively. The values instilled in her by her family and her faith, her love of community and passion for people led her to enlarge her commitment of service and run for public office. Councilwoman Young was elected to the Dallas City Council in June 2015, as the District 7 representative.

She continues to serve throughout her community as an active member of the Dallas Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and as a board member for the Maurine F. Bailey Cultural Foundation. She currently is the CEO of a consulting practice focused in the areas of entertainment, sports and politics. Her dedication to community and compassion for people has shaped her call and commitment to make Dallas a better city, Texas a better state and our country the best it can be, one person at a time.

Or maybe it’s one lawsuit at a time?