Heather-Burns GW Realtor

Very rarely do we get to profile new Realtors and see why they got into the business with such a dynamic, changing market. Sometimes these Realtors are switching careers from less-interesting, more stressful professions. Sometimes they just fall into it with grace and aplomb.

Heather Burns decided to start a career in residential real estate after working in corporate housing. New to the industry, she immediately fell in love with matching homes to homeowners with Vivo Realty Group. This brand is hiring up top talent throughout Dallas and Collin County, making waves in the industry and building a team of leaders.

That makes Heather Burns of Vivo Realty Group a great candidate for this week’s Featured Realtor, Sponsored by Great Western Home Loans. What has your lender done for you lately? Find out what you’re missing by calling Jeff Lindigrin at Great Western Home Loans today.

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