2252 King Fisher Dr extAs you know, I have an ongoing love affair with Vaquero Club for its  location, topography, greenery and privacy, among other reasons. Several others do as well, given that CEOs of major corporations, professional athletes and at least one famous television/radio personality all live within spitting distance of the most fabulous estate I have ever seen in these parts: 2252 King Fisher Drive.

I also love Vaquero for the schools. They draw buyers and keep property values tip top: parents have their choice of Keller ISD or the public charter school Westlake Academy, which serves K-12 and is an International Baccalaureate World School. Children who live in Westlake can attend Westlake Academy automatically — there are close to 2,000 students outside of the area on a waiting list to get into this highly coveted school.

2252 King Fisher Drive sits on a double lot of 3.83 acres, one of the largest in the guarded, stone-walled estate community that boasts 24 hour security, a Tom Fazio designed golf club, dining rooms, spa, tennis, fishing lakes, trails, trees, hills, and all a short drive to Southlake Town Center and DFW Airport.2252 king fisher drive 3

Vaquero is exactly 7 miles from DFW Airport. I know, because I dropped off my kids before I sank into this home.

To say that once I walked in, I did not want to leave, is a true statement because I didn’t. I stayed for dinner, like the architect, Aaron Angle, who literally lived with the owners to provide the perfect, most custom home possible.

But truth be told, the love affair began the moment I walked behind the French wooden gates that open automatically. Since the security at Vaquero is so tight, those gates are for show and to get you thinking about the grape vines and wildflowers and daffodils you will be finding beyond them.2252 king fisher dr aerial (more…)


What didn’t we love about 2006 Brazos, Sean Payton’s beautiful and opulent Vaquero mansion that hit the market in January of 2014. This incredible home really has it all, from a disco with a lighted dancefloor that you wouldn’t believe, a luxurious garage, and a master suite you’d never have to leave.

Five bedrooms, four full baths, two half baths, an epic pool and patio with a luxurious loggia — you won’t miss a thing with this home. It was listed for almost $3.5 million in January.


1724 Wisteria Way Front

Photos: Shoot2Sell

Hey You, we’re not in L.A. Baby. This will be the First Time you’ve thought to yourself “This is What I Go to School For — a mansion in Westlake’s exclusive Vaquero neighborhood owned by those sibling heartthrobs, the Jonas Brothers.”

That’s what I thought, and it’s Got Me Going Crazy.

We couldn’t Take a Breath, so we had to Make it Right and tell you all that this amazing home will have you screaming “Hello Beautiful!” So we included this incredible estate in our countdown to the grand opening of the Ebby Halliday office in Southlake, which is tomorrow, not in the Year 3000.

The home that housed these heartthrobs in Vaquero is now on the market.

The home that housed these heartthrobs in Vaquero is now on the market.


Hannity Long Island Beachfront Home

Word comes that Sean Hannity is pulling the trigger on his promise to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and leaving the state.

Hannity, the well-known conservative radio show host who has railed against the high taxes and stifling government in the Empire State, wants to move to greener pastures, especially those without a state income tax, such as Texas and Florida, after Cuomo said “extreme conservatives … have no place in New York.”

Apparently, Hannity has all but taken Cuomo’s advice wholesale:

“I can’t wait to get out of here. I really can’t,’’ Hannity said, adding: “I don’t want to pay their 10 percent state tax anymore. I live in the second-highest property-taxed county in the entire country in Nassau County. I can’t wait to sell my house to somebody who wants it. I can’t wait to pay no state income tax down in Florida or Texas,” Hannity said.

According to a piece by Zillow reposted by Forbes, Hannity has listed his “gold coast” Long Island home for $3.6 million. The 8,000-square-foot beachfront home built in 2001 has four bedrooms, five and a half baths, and sits on 2 acres. That’s only one of the two homes he owns on Long Island.

Perhaps Hannity will take a cue from another conservative talk radio host who has moved to the Lone Star State: Glenn Beck. Beck, who has built his own compound in Las Colinas to produce his media empire, lives in a posh, spacious crib in the tres tony Vaquero.

So, if Sean Hannity follows Glenn Beck’s lead, where would Hannity find his new Texas home? Of course, there’s always Sean Payton’s Vaquero estate at 2006 Brazos, which comes with a basement-level disco. It has plenty of room and he and Beck could be neighbors!

2006 Brazos exterior


Then again, maybe Hannity wants something more like the thoughtfully constructed Casa Santuario, which hits the auction block today? Perhaps he’s looking for something with history, like Robert Edsel’s incredible Bellosguardo? Or maybe something more remote and opulent, such as Champ d’Or?

Where do you think Hannity will move to?

Sean Payton and fam are now officially imbedded in the Lone Star State and you know what that means: they are now card-carrying Texans! In early January, Sean and his wife bought a stunning 7,785 square foot home in a delicious part of Vaquero that is honestly one of the most beautiful homes I’ve seen out there, maybe anywhere. I mean, no offense NOLA, but you would not find a house like this in Louisiana. No way Jose. PLEASE check out this slide show for detailed photos.

2006 Brazos Court is nestled into a cozy Vaquero cul se sac overlooking a pond. The kids can go fish whenever. The home has 7785 square feet, was built in 2006 and features stunning contemporary interiors. Each bathroom has those generous Farmer’s sinks that you usually only see in kitchens, and take note of the Master bath in that slide show: most gorgeous tile ever plus steam shower and a romantic rock fireplace. I love this idea of using the Farmer’s sinks everywhere! (One of my design pet peeves is teeny tiny sinks that let water splash all over tarnation.)

The home has stained concrete floors as well as wood, marble and stone. The foyer has stacked stone walls and a 100 year old giant dark wood antique door, it’s like being in a rock church vestibule. There are five bedrooms, four and a half baths — guess they may need to add a few more according to my latest research — and three living areas. The home is also a Poster Child for green energy efficiency: That super duper insulated SIP foam construction that whittles utility bills to dollars a month even in August, tankless water heaters, thermo windows and highest SEER-rated utilities. And oh my the extras: outdoor kitchen, loggia, fire-pit, salt-water pool, play pool, media room, exercise room, study, and game room with that fabulous discotheque for the kids or maybe, adults? It has a lighted floor, mirrored ball, laser lights, a fog machine and probably a Bose sound system — not sure on that, but whatever brand it’s a killer that will make that game room rock like Carnegie Hall.

I’m a little confused over pricing. The original list price was $3.2 million, actually $3,195,000, but then it appears to have crept up to $3,450,000. Unusual in this market for a home to INCREASE it’s price after being on the market for a year. Z sale? Anyhoo, glad to welcome the Paytons to Texas. I hear they love living in Vaquero and tell friends it’s the most perfect place on the face of the earth. As I told you yesterday, they had been leasing Mark Teixeira’s house but did not renew the lease. No matter what the press has said about Mr. Payton’s coaching skills or style, this wipes the slate clean: he’s got great taste in homes and real estate. In my eyes, he’s a god!



Word from the Fort Worth Star Telegram that Glenn Beck has settled on a location for his media empire: The Studios at Las Colinas. Nice, but not too close to his home in Vaquero. I was in the posh gated community over the weekend and asked how the latest famous Vaquero resident was doing: pretty low key. I’m told neither he nor Tania have not been out and about that much. Maybe been too busy shopping for studio space. He withdrew his bid for his first choice of locations, yee old Gateway Church building in Southlake, for his radio and TV studio facilities. Would have been a lot closer. So Las Colinas will be the home of GBTV, with a soundstage that will hold 500 people.

Wowzers. Where will they all park?

Bloomberg is reporting that Chuck Greenberg, former CEO and co-owner of The Texas Rangers, has come forward to say he may want to bid on the bankrupt Dallas Stars Hockey franchise, according to a lawyer. This cannot be, not that Greenberg wouldn’t be a terrific owner. But Vancouver-based businessman Tom Gaglardi is pre-approved, and if he moves to Dallas, he’ll have to buy a home or two here. I’m thinking Preston Hollow.

Grenberg already lives here.

Nice cover story in today’s Dallas Morning News (with a nice hat tip to your’s truly here) telling us why, when it comes to having money or fame in North Texas,  Westlake is the new place to be.

Eric Aasen says what I’ve been telling you for three years: this community in northeast Tarrant County with rolling hills and a Hill-Country flavor has become a veritable magnet for the rich and famous: Jonas brothers, the family rock band, both parents and the only married Jonas brother; professional athletes including Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, who closed on his home in Vaquero about a month ago, and business leaders, such as the CEO of Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Matthew Rose, Chuck Greenberg, and more.

And then, or rather now:

  Glenn Beck, the former Fox News Channel star, is joining the town’s exclusive ranks — in a home originally listed at $5.4 million and offered for lease at $20,000 a month, according to Candy Evans, a Dallas real estate blogger.

I also told you how Forbes recently named Westlake the most affluent neighborhood in the country, with a median household income of $250,000. The average home value is $1.2 million.

So why are all the rich and famous shunning Park Cities and Preston Hollow and moving to Westlake? In a word, lifestyle, peace and quiet, and security.

Security — it’s close to D/FW and the FBO, and that security is a huge plus. Glenn Beck will no longer need Xanax to sleep, although I totally recommend a Duxiana.

It gives you peace of mind, pro golfer Brandt Jobe told the Dallas Morning News.

And former Rangers executive Chuck Greenberg, who bought this home in Vaquero (and who’s wife wrote me a nasty email after I published it, I do apologize) still lives there and says publicity for the area comes with the territory.

Builder Randy White says Westlake has the “USDA stamp of approval for celebrities.

“If a celebrity sees a celebrity live there, it’s going to raise their eyebrows,” he said. “They’re going to think: ‘If it meets their scrutiny, it’s something I need to look into.’”

Residents give celebrities their space, said Trish Biddle, an artist who lives in Westlake and whose Westlake connections have netted her some powerful friends: Biddle’s paintings have been used by actress Eva Longoria (who used to live in San Antonio) and has snagged her invitations to create art for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the Kentucky Derby.

Residents also like the schools, both public and private. The area was settled in the 1840’s and was just a small village until the 1990’s when Discovery Land Company and other developers created the sprawling, polished multi-million dollar home developments. 

But Aasen points out recession has hit even Westlake, with sales tax revenue stagnant which forced an increase in the city property tax. Still, At 16 cents per $100 of assessed valuation, it’s one of the lowest around.

Like all areas, some  homes have been reduced. Right now, here is an amazing bargain in Vaquero, more than 5000 square feet for — are you ready — $1,695,000. 2223 King Fisher Drive. A total steal and what I love is that this home has a lighter feel than most of the heavily Mediterranean homes that proliferate.