It’s my mansion and I LOVE it! This is what we call a STEAL! Darling uber contemporary condo at 3883 Turtle Creek Blvd., otherwise known as Twenty-One Turtle Creek Condos, unit 701 is a one-bedroom, one bath, one living area deal — 862 square feet in all. You do get a garage spot, too. The view is like Za Za Gabor used to say, “I just adore a Pent House view!”. The unit is way over-designed inside, which is great for the buyer: museum sculpted walls, Brazilian floors, art lighting & an open gourmet limestone kitchen with all stainless steel appliances. The living room is 16 by 24 feet long. Then there’s the master, 11 by 16, including a mammoth “executive closet” — I like the sound of that! — the size of DFW. I love love love the limestone bath and double shower.

But I really, really like that the owners ventured out to bring in a most unique commode, one made of stainless steel, costing we are told about $5,000. It’s like sitting on art, apparently. Maybe it should be in the new Perot Museum?

I totally get the finish-out in this $139,000 home; it will make some lucky buyer very, very happy. Whoops, just saw the house is listed at $139,900, $900 more I guess for the terlit. What I don’t get is why there are only two photos of the rooms when you can have  36. You have a dang Rolls Royce for a toilet, why not flaunt it? I know this is a smaller unit, but come on agents, get creative. It took my darling Kristian Petersen to sit down on that fancy pants commode and tell me all about it for me to let you know. And then, of course, the world!

The swimming pool. Wall mosaic depicts a fave northern family vacation spot.

It was like a coming out party this afternoon over at 3505 Turtle Creek Blvd. as every high end agent in town tossed on a fur wrap and checked out the former home of Bill and Margot Winspear. Mrs. Winspear now lives in a smaller unit in the same building. You cannot blame her: this one is 14,740 whopping square feet and they were not kidding when they said 24 foot ceilings! I got lost five times and felt like I was in a Matrix-like version of the game CLUE. For some reason, I kept wandering back into the Billiards Room.  Everyone marched through, from Claire Dewar and Nancy Holloway and the whole darn team, half of Briggs-Freeman Sothebys, Erin Mathews and David Nichols (air kisses!) Dawn Rejebian, Debbie Ingram, Katye Sloan, some of US led almost by the hand by listing agent Ralph Randall lest you (ME) get lost. These photos turned out better than I expected given the gloomy day, and Ralph promises o-quality photos soon. Overheard: “At this new reduced price ($6,695,000), whoever buys it is basically pocketing $4 million.”

Porcelain fish in the waterfall poolMedia RoomPool overviewThe dining room, well one of them

All the second homes in Destin, Port Aransas or Pebble Beach could not pull me away from next Saturday’s Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society‘s Spring home tour. That’s April 2, 2011, from 10 am – 4 pm. The owners of six gloriously historic and architecturally significant Park Cities homes will toss open their doors to all House Candy lovers. The homes are: 4236 Armstrong Parkway, 4809 Drexel Drive, 4308 Stanhope, 4200 Shenandoah, 7715 Turtle Creek Blvd. and 3830 Windsor Lane, pictured here. Even better, get your shopping fix in: during the home tour, there will be a boutique at the 4809 Drexel Drive, Highland Park, home, featuring preferred vendor items. The Home Tour is open to the public and tickets are available now.

In fact, I have two more tickets to get in two MORE lucky readers FREE!!! But first, you’ll have to answer trivia question #2, piece of cake:

Who were: Hal Thomson, Art Swain, Charles Dilbeck, Will Scott Richter, George Reynolds, Jr. and Wilson McClure?

Get the correct answer in the comments fast and¬†furiously, I’ll deliver two tickets to your door!

Spring means home tour season In Dallas. And next Saturday, April 2, 2011, from 10 am – 4 pm, the owners of six gloriously historic and architecturally significant Park Cities homes will open their doors to we lovers of House Candy. The homes are:

4236 Armstrong Parkway, 4809 Drexel Drive, 4308 Stanhope, 4200 Shenandoah, 7715 Turtle Creek Blvd. and 3830 Windsor Lane. (I’m drooling already.) Now here’s the good news:¬†I can get two lucky readers in for FREE!!! That’s right, I have two¬†HPHPS home tour tickets in my hot hands for anyone who¬†knows the answer to this trivia question — go ahead, give it a shot!¬†

Louis T. Carpenter, who lived at 4809 Drexel Drive, which is one of the historic homes on the 2011 Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society’s Home Tour, was involved in writing the bill which placed one of the major Texas Universities at its current location.  Which university was it?  Baylor in Waco, Texas in Austin, Texas Tech in Lubbock or SMU in Dallas?

Tell me the correct answer fast and¬†first, I’ll deliver two tickets to your door!