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East Dallas MLS Broker Bake Off chair Christina Dewbre shows off a confection as emcee Kevin Caskey holds the live auction.

When the committee that puts together the East Dallas MLS’ Broker Bake Off (an annual Texas Association of Realtors PAC fundraiser and sweet event), they batted around a few themes before someone suggested a riff off of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s epic 90s ballad — “I Like Big Bundts And I Cannot Lie: Music Through The Ages.”

Naturally, said event chair Alyssa O’Brien Ramsey, it was an instant favorite.

Brokerages were tasked with creating confections that spoke to pop music’s biggest moments, and they did a bang-up job. In all, the Broker Bake Off managed to rake in some serious dough for the Texas Association of Realtors Political Action Committee to the tune of $15,800.


lakewood cake

The TREPAC Broker Bake off Cake from Nathan Grace featured the Lakewood Theater.

Sure, it’s snowing today, but there was a different kind of white stuff all around during yesterday’s TREPAC gathering — sugar!

According to reports, yesterday’s TREPAC East Dallas Broker Bake Off was a sweet success. The event, in which Dallas brokerages brought beautiful cakes for silent auction, was a fundraiser for the Texas Real Estate PAC, an organization that advocates for the state’s real estate professionals and homeowners.

lakewood cake 2

“As TREPAC Chair I would like to express my gratitude to the event committee led by Christina Anniboli Dewbre, to the Brokers who participated, to the agents and affiliates that donated, and to every person who made an investment today,” said Dallas City Center Realtors Director Kevin Caskey. “It was an incredible event!”