Update: Nancy Carroll was sentenced to ten years of prison, no mention made of probation, yet. She was led to prison in handcuffs directly from the courtroom.

And there are reports she’s gonna get a light sentence.

We call it your worst real estate nightmare: You close on your home, but the sales funds actually don’t pay off your mortgage. Instead, someone keeps paying your mortgage for you and absconds with your pay off funds. He or she uses the money to support their lavish lifestyle. Sound familiar?

We have covered the story of Nancy Carroll, the prominent Southlake title agent whose title company was raided by the Texas Department of Insurance about two years ago. Regulators said they were looking for $3 million missing from the company’s escrow accounts, and $2 million from separate investor accounts.

Well, Nancy pleaded guilty in Fort Worth this past August to stealing more than $1.6 million, before she attempted to abandon her business and skipped town in 2016.