What will you be selling in the next three years? Is our market headed up or down?

Thanks to a bevy of wonderful sponsors, Dallas luxury real estate agents will be treated to a panel discussion featuring two local heavy-hitters –

scott Johnson

The Scott Johnson family

Scott Johnson of the Texas Economic Development Corporation in Frisco  &

TierneyKaufmanTierney Kaufman from the Trinity Trust, Development and Outreach

The topic will be growth in North Texas, north south east & west — where it’s coming from, who is buying, and what this region might look like in 2018. This will tie in nicely with our story on how 1,500 real estate industry professionals voted in Dallas and Fort Worth as  the very best places for money to be made, with our real estate having more potential than New York City’s! We are looking mighty bright to the rest of the country, and the rest of the world right now. Will it sustain? These guys can sure tell us.

Last year, we heard from Gail Thomas of the Trinity Trust, Neal Sleeper, president of Cityplace, and Jim Gandy, president of the Frisco Economic Development. It was a rockin’ good time loaded with factual information for everyone to take home and put to use.

Program sponsors for 2015 include Steven Pidgeon of Starfloors, Jim Marks and Charles Polansky of HUB Insurance, Linda Yo with Movement Mortgage, Keith Hall with NASE (National Association of the Self-Employed), and Ruth Darling of Lawyers Title Insurance. The event will be at the Dallas Country Club on Mockingbird Lane from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, and then we chat apres!