Front entrance, Greenbrier

Sometimes Mother Nature is a beast! The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, just re-opened July 13 after shuttering two weeks ago so the resort’s owner, Jim Justice, could provide housing and food to hundreds of local families who lost their homes to recent catastrophic flooding. The hotel also suffered extensive damage to the tennis building, chapel, and flooded the hotel’s elegant (and newly Carleton Varney- polished) spa.

Justice bought the resort in 2009 and revamped the historic (1778) white hotel on 11,000 acres of land to it’s former glory. He also the Democratic nominee for West Virginia governor.

The Greenbrier is also home of a 112,544-square-foot emergency bunker that was once secret, ready to protect the U.S. President and Congress, and is where they took Vice President Dick Cheney during 9/11.

Flood damage to the Old White TPC golf course even prompted cancellation of the PGA Tour, the Greenbrier Classic.

Shortly after the flooding, four Allie Beth Allman agents, including Allie Beth Allman herself, Kyle Crews, Doris Jacobs and Juli Harrison donated to the relief fund set up for flood victims by Greenbrier executives to further aid local families who have lost their homes and belongings. These funds will be used primarily towards rebuilding homes and other housing needs.

Now they are opening the donation to anyone who would like to help out West Virginia flood victims.