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TREC to Study Tearing Down Highway 345

By Candy Evans / March 13, 2014 / 4 Comments

Candace Carlisle at the Dallas Business Journal reports that one of the biggest commercial real estate groups in Dallas MAY spend $125,000 to explore the possible tear-down or re-development of Interstate 345. Actually, Robert Wilonsky over at the Dallas Morning News reports the same thing. That group would be the Texas Real Estate Council, or […]

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A Must-Read Local Column Sheds Light on the Museum Tower/Nasher Sculpture Garden/Fake Facebook Posting Fracas

By Candy Evans / August 8, 2013 / 4 Comments

Stop whatever you are doing and read this column by The Observer’s Jim Schutze. He asks the very same question I had when I first read the Dallas Morning News story over a week ago about Mike Snyder’s fake Facebook accounts. The question is: if the Dallas Morning News analyzed Snyder’s IP addresses (those are […]

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Kathy Nealy's Terrace Condo to be Sold at Next Foreclosure Auction, She Being "Victim of an Investigation"

By Candy Evans / July 24, 2013 / 16 Comments

Let me be clear from the very start: this is unit 616 at The Terrace at Victory Park.  Kathy Nealy’s unit was 216 on the second floor, but exact same square footage  (1196) and save for being higher and maybe a different color marble in the kitchen or master, pretty similar. Robert Wilonsky at the […]

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Love Your Mama: Real Estalker Picks Up Hicks Story, Quotes Our Fabulous Candy Evans

By Joanna England / January 25, 2013 / 0 Comments

Love this sassy little write-up on the Hicks estate, which is marketed by Douglas Newby & Associates, from Your Mama at The Real Estalker: Like we usually do when it comes to dissin’ and discussin’ high-priced real estate in Dallas Your Mama gave the deliciously dishy Dallas-based property gossip Candy Evans a ringy-dingy and asked if […]

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Museum Tower Update: Is Bad Publicity the Media’s Fault?

By Candy Evans / June 26, 2012 / 12 Comments

Interesting stories out of the Dallas Morning News and really, everywhere, today on Museum Tower. While we think the two parties, the Nasher Museum and Museum Tower, have been negotiating diligently under the capable eyes of Tom Luce, we first get word today that negotiations may have all but broken down, and that litigation may […]

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Where Credit is Due: The Dallas Morning News Borrowed Photos From Ebby Realtor’s “Dallas” Listing, But You’d Never Know by Looking

By Joanna England / June 20, 2012 / 0 Comments

I was reading an article on earlier today when I saw one of those teasers on the sidebar that said, “Check out this Plano mega-mansion featured on TNT’s reboot of ‘Dallas’.”

I had to click, of course, if not only because I am infatuated with the new “Dallas” cast, but I wanted to see if they had some cool photos outside of the ones you saw with your own eyes right here on

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