Oncor power outage map

Icemageddon 2013 has left around 240,000 people without power, according to Oncor. The largest numbers of outages are concentrated in Dallas and Collin Counties, they said.

And a large number of people in Tarrant, Denton, Ellis and Kaufman counties also do not have power.

Freezing rain turned to ice overnight, accumulating on tree limbs and leaves. Those limbs fell into power lines, affecting service. Then car wrecks, where cars hit street poles connected to power lines, also caused problems.

Pity the poor power company employees: Oncor COO Jim Greer said there were more than 2,500 Oncor employees responding to power outages Friday.

“Crews from utilities as far away as Florida are responding in north Texas to assist with power restoration to Oncor customers,” Greer said.

If you have an event planned, figure that it is cancelled. Better to stay home and be safe than sorry. The freezing rain may be behind us, but low temperatures will hold the ice accumulation like a very efficient Sub Zero freezer. Any new precipitation will just freeze again, leading to the possibility of more power outages.

Hunker down: we are stuck in our homes for the weekend!

For 24/7 power outage information, follow live updates from the Oncor Storm Center here: http://stormcenter.oncor.com/default.html and to report a power outage in your area, click here. You can also text “REG” or “OUT” to 66267, or call Oncor’s outage hotline at 888-313-4747.

In my ‘hood, half of us have power –heat, light, refrigeration. For those who do not, we may invite them over. Now is when those five fireplaces may come in handy to light, and your freezer should be ok for about 24 hours if you don’t open the door.

Of course, your patio is now one giant freezer!