property taxAlthough we’ve warned you a couple of times, just in case you missed it — today is kind of a big deal if you own a home. Today is the deadline (unless you’re in Denton County) to protest your property taxes for this year.

If this has caught you unawares, don’t fret — one local company has come up with, a way to determine if you need to protest, compile your evidence if you do, and then download a complete report that you can file electronically with your county’s central appraisal district — in less than an hour in most cases (in fact, it took me about 10 minutes). (more…)

According to Tiffany Hamil, Tarrant County residents have longer than they think to protest

“It has been common practice in Tarrant and all of the surrounding counties for YEARS that the District will send out their notice of appraised value on May 1st,” says property tax consultant Tiffany Hamil. “Tarrant County has been known to even send their notices out past May 1st, but to my knowledge they have never sent their notices out PRIOR to May 1st … until THIS YEAR.

Some Tarrant County residents may have already received their notices, which were mailed at the beginning of this month. If your valuation is lower or the same, you won’t get a notice at all, Hamil says. Still, you should check your Tarrant County appraisal online with the Tarrant Appraisal District.

“Your notice is going to say that your protest deadline is April 30th, but the law allows a property owner to protest up until May 31st,” Hamil notes.

According to her, the Property Tax Code says: 

Notwithstanding Subsection (a)(1), an owner of property described by that subsection who files a notice of protest after the deadline prescribed by that subsection but before the appraisal review board approves the appraisal records is entitled to a hearing and determination of the protest if the property owner files the
notice before June 1.

Tarrant County property owners who wish to protest their appraisal values should do so before the April 30 deadline, Hamil says. However, if you miss the deadline, you still have options. 

Find out more about Tiffany Hamil at DFW Tax Advisor’s website.