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The Dallas Architecture Forum‘s lecture season will continue at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 1, in the University of Texas at Arlington’s CAPPA Auditorium with alumni and award-winning architect Gordon Gill, FAIA.

The event will be presented in collaboration with the University of Texas at Arlington College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs (CAPPA), in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the School of Architecture’s founding. Gill will speak at 7 p.m., with check-in at 6:15 p.m. in the CAPPA Auditorium (second floor of CAPPA Building) at UTA.


You’ve just got to see this. One cannot help but think that perhaps, given the real estate reflection battle here in Dallas between the Renzo Piano-designed Nasher and Museum Tower and all the media banter about Museum Tower being a giant laser to the Nasher, that it  inspired the idea for this laser light show that took place at the Shard. Yes, that’s really the name of the building, a shard is a piece of glass: each facet forms a shard, a plane of glass gently inclined inwards, rising towards the top. That’s also the name of a brand new high rise tower in London. It’s Europe’s tallest building, and it sits on London’s south bank, which I understand is not too savory a ‘hood, and it is bloody tall: 1016 feet above the city. Or 72 stories! That’s still shorter than the Empire State Building, but I’m a girl, you don’t have to have the tallest building of them all to impress me. It has 11,000 glass panels… all shards… a real pane to clean ha ha… but 95% of the building’s construction materials are recycled! There are 44 lifts (elevators) and it’s a retail/commercial/residential masterpiece with 10 exclusive residences at the top. Oh boy, will those be pricey, God London real estate?  30 million pounds a flat!  Oh yes, Hotel Shangri-La soaks up the 34th to 52nd floors. Shangri-La at the Shard!

I just got a kick out of the laser-light show they put on to celebrate the opening, which is like today. They are also polishing every inch of the 11,000 window panels to get them squeaky-clean to reflect the sun. That’s right, they WANT the sun’s reflection off a Renzo Piano-designed building. I also like the photos juxtaposing the gleaming new tower with the  historic cathedrals nearby.

Now the Brits are complaining about the cost of a ticket to ride the lift up to the top of the Shard: $87 pounds, or about $134 dollars… wait did I do that right? One pound equals $1.55 U.S. dollars so $87 times $1.55 is $134.85…for an elevator ride in London. Wow. No wonder folks from the U.S. are scooping up U.S. real estate.We’re like Wal Mart!