6015 Bryan Parkway

This beautiful historic home at 6015 Bryan Pkwy. just hit the market. It’s located inside the Swiss Avenue Historic District, one of the many beautiful Old East Dallas neighborhoods.

Even being a long-time Dallas resident, you might not be familiar with the official lines of Old East Dallas, unless perhaps looking at homes in the area. Looking at the neighborhood’s past is like a fascinating history lesson! Four adjacent, amazing historic neighborhoods are all part of Old East DallasSwiss Avenue Historic District, Peak’s Suburban Addition, Munger Place, and Junius Heights.


Speaking of mayors, former mayor Woodall Rodgers’ home at 5750 Swiss Ave is on the market, and this place has some serious history. It’s in need of some restoration, but with a little TLC, you can own a piece of Dallas history for under a million bucks.

Mayor Woodall Rodgers lived here with his wife from 1938 to 1959, during which time he served as the mayor of Dallas. From 1969 to 1973, while the home was owned by Norman Cook, it served as a home for unwed mothers. Listing agent Frank Hayward of Virginia Cook said soccer hall of famer Kyle Rote Jr. (son of Kyle Rote who had a successful football career at SMU and with the NY Giants) used to hang his cleats at the corner of Swiss and Skillman.

Almost 90 years later, the landmark home is still in good and workable condition. It has beautiful hardwood floors, beveled glass sunroom windows and a large garage and carriage structure in the back. Hayward said its just needs cosmetic improvements to bring it back to its former glory.

“This house was probably a real showplace back in the day,” he said. “It’s a historic property and is poised to be a very grand home once again. It’s in good, stable condition and very true to its original structure.”

Equipped with a Riverbend Sandler pool and a putting green, Hayward said the back of the property has an intimate resort feel.

Hayward also said that there has been “quite a resurgence on Swiss Ave” and that 3 or 4 homes have sold in the last 90 days. With all of the history inside these walls, it could be worth the investment. Maybe there’s something about this place that propels people into greatness. For just $950k, YOU could be the next mayor!






This home in the 5900 block of Swiss Ave. sustained serious damage to its downstairs windows and clay tile roof.

After the news reports of the damage in Lakewood last night, I just had to see it for myself. Lakewood-area streets are littered with tree limbs and leaves and lined with cleanup crews and repairmen. The teams that weren’t already at work were circling the streets like hawks, but from the looks of the area, there will be plenty of work to go around.

A closer look at the tile roof in the 5900 block of Swiss Ave.

Some of the damage to clay tile roofs and windows of these beautiful historic homes was jaw-dropping. The worst of the damage on Swiss appeared to begin around Munger Ave. and got progressively worse moving east but seemed to taper off around Abrams.

I put in a call to Cobalt Commercial Roofing and spoke with company president Chad Schultz to get an estimate of how much it would cost to replace a clay tile roof on an average size home on Swiss Ave.

“We price it in squares, and the average size house on Swiss would be about 40 squares. And it’s $500 per square. So, on average, you’re looking at about $20,000 to replace one of these roofs.”

You can hear Chad talk about roofing issues live on Real Estate Talk with Willie Lambright on 1160 AM Tuesdays. I would almost bet he’ll be talking about all the roof and water damage caused by yesterday’s storm.

A few blocks over, the Lakewood Theater also suffered serious damage to its marque sign. I saw major home and car window damage as far east as West Shore and Gaston.

Did your home home sustain any substantial damage from yesterday’s epic hail storm? Tell us about it.



The Swiss Avenue Historic District will have even more gateways like this one at Fitzhugh.


OK, maybe it’s not like that, but Swiss Avenue sure is getting a lot more distinguished. According to David Myre of swissavenue.com, folks are building two additional gateways to the popular neighborhood, one at the north end and one in the center.

“Workers have nearly completed one at La Vista and Swiss (next to the post office) and more are planned for the Munger and Swiss,” Myre said.

I get it. I like to get dressed up sometimes, you know. I like to feel pretty. Who can fault Swiss Avenue for that?

In other news, you remember 5647 Swiss Ave. right? It was Candy’s GCB-edition Monday Morning Millionaire. Well, after two and a half years on the market, that lovely Swiss Avenue mansion is almost S-O-L-D (don’t want to say it out loud, or I might jinx it).

Any other amazing sales out there?


I told you vacation homeowers are raking it in. Well, now it seems regular homeowners are not doing too shabby, either. One of my alert readers alerted me to this interesting vacation home posting on HomeAway.com: a red-brick Swiss Avenue mansion. It leases for $2,000 to $3,000 per night, or $18,000 a week. (Wowzers!) Five bedrooms, six baths, sleeps 12. Prairie style built in 1913,  one of the largest Prairie Style homes in the Southwest (according to the listing). Beautifully preserved original features, the house has state-of-the-art updates, including 2 fully-equipped media rooms, a tennis court, deluxe grill, 30 ft meat smoker/chiminea — I am sure renters are going to jump right in and smoke meat. There is a rear parking lot, and 3-car garage. We all know how close Swiss Avenue is to everything … they are advertising this as “walking distance to the Lower Greenville nightlife.”

Honestly, not sure I’d walk nor encourage it unless your are packing. But this statement is a fact:

“Swiss Avenue is one of the most scenic walking paths in Dallas, featuring beautiful, historic homes from the early 1900’s.”