Clean it up and store it

When you’re selling your house, what do you do with all the “stuff”? Karen Eubank has solutions.

Getting ready to sell your house can be overwhelming. The first word your Realtor is going to mention is “declutter.” Then the stager will come in and remark that items need to be stored because it’s hard to see the gorgeous architectural details with your beautiful furniture blocking the columns and impeding the view.

What all of this really means is that selling your home will be a challenge unless you get rid of some stuff. But where do you turn? The general consensus is Craigslist can be hit or miss, eBay takes patience and time, and garage sales require energy and organization. You’ll probably be short on at least two of these if you’re about to list your home.

But it doesn’t have to be a headache. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite resources to help you get your house whipped into shape so you can move on down the road to your next adventure. (more…)

My mother and dad built their dream home in the late 1960’s, and I so wish I could show you the innards: orange shag carpets, cathedral ceilings, flocked & poppy floral vinyl wallcovering (my mom was sooo psyched about that!) and cultured marble vanities. Mine were red with two shell-shaped sinks; we have a picture of Cassie getting bathed in one. My mom had one of the first carpeted kitchens in her group. I know, I just cannot imagine who the hell thought carpet was cool in the kitchen; I cannot even stand it in the bedroom now. And my mother’s Amana Radar range, one of the very first microwaves, is in storage.

So when I saw this home at 310 San Mateo in Las Colinas, I said oh my, home!  Built in 1967, about then my parents built, can you still call it a Mid Century Modern? It is on a  Cul de Sac lot with a pool, and the floor plan is entertainment central, as it was back in the ’60’s. We liked the outdoors and did not have to worry about the price of gas. We did not have to worry about pumping gas; someone did it for you. I always say the moment you had to start pumping your own gas is when consumer service went down the tubes. The living room opens up to a large wood deck — my parents had one of those, two. In fact, they had two. This home is a whopping 3420 square foot split level with a living room –I’m sorry, it’s a “Rec Room”, fireplace, storage, full bath & sauna down there. (We did NOT have one of those, but my Uncle Steve did.). Kitchens look pretty original. Four bedrooms, three and a half baths, two living areas, tons of storage, nearby walking trails, park and ponds Also nearby: The Four Seasons. There are home association dues of $313. Asking $259,000.

Almost like going home to mama!