Hillwood's proposed 3001 Turtle Creek project

Hillwood’s proposed 3001 Turtle Creek project

Tuesday night’s Oak Lawn Committee (OLC) meeting might not have had armed police in attendance, but there were some interesting goings on.  The two worth chatting about were Hillwood’s evolving plans for 3001 Turtle Creek (corner of Turtle Creek and Cedar Springs) and a proposed Starbucks at Oak Lawn and Congress (southeast-ish corner). I call 3001 Turtle Creek “evolving” because when asked when they wanted to break ground, the reply was, “when we get a tenant.”

But, since I know my readers, let’s start with a soupçon of hypocrisy … Starbucks … and end with a humorously gutsy ask … from Hillwood.



If you think coffee is only good for getting you moving in the morning, this new study will wake you up. Apparently, it can also provide a jolt nearby home values.

That’s according to Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff and Chief Economist Stan Humphries. In their New York Times bestseller, Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate, they crunched the numbers and found that houses located within a quarter mile of a Starbucks location appreciated more quickly than houses overall.

Rascoff and Humphries knew the traditional guideline for finding real estate that would appreciate the most – good schools, easy access to major job centers, or a quick drive to the grocery store. They wanted to dig deeper.

“We were looking for other markers that could tell us where home values would appreciate the most, and in doing the research, we found that if you live near a coffee shop, chances are your house outperforms other houses further away,” Humphries said. “When we dug even deeper, we found that living close to a specific coffee shop – Starbucks – was the best indicator your house would out-perform other houses in the area.”

This trend held true nationwide, although results varied by region. In North Texas, there was a 7.2 percent difference during the time measured.


Arbys Listing Do you see what I see? At closing, the buyer’s agent — some lucky, lucky agent – will get an $8 cash bonus and an expired coupon — I’m sorry, this is so exciting it’s capitalized, forgive me – an “Expired Coupon” to Arby’s.

1225 Oak poolI don’t know about you, but I am beyond excited! So here goes, we will post it — I can smell that roast beef and $8 will get me two whole Starbucks, maybe, well regulars anyhow. Y’all run out to Keller and buy this 2636 square foot home at 1225 Oak with an indoor swimming pool that is 15 by 50 feet long. That’s huge, five feet longer than my pool and it’s saltwater. There are also two drains, in case you need them. And yes, those are clouds painted on the ceiling of the natatorium. You’ve got almost two acres out here near Highway 114 and 377 which, someday, in the year 2525 will be complete from road constriction. I mean construction.1225 Oak Trail front

I love stained concrete floors, especially if you have a pool in the house. Open floor plan but split bedrooms, three of them, three full baths, and a separate office/study with great built-ins in case you work from home. This is very good: his and her bathrooms — and a well-functioning bidet — saves many a marriage. Two large walk-in closets loaded with closet organizers. You just won’t ever run out of storage space in this house. There is also a closet behind the media center for controls & extra storage.

Located on a cul de sac, just like President Bush, in a secluded subdivision with other beautiful, large custom homes. And just think of all the money you’ll save on suncreen. Or bathing suits! PLUS you get your SWEET $8 dollar cash bonus!!1225 Oak Trail LR1225 Oak Trail kitchen1225 Oak Trail master her1225 Oak Trail pool cover Reduced to $424,500 or lease for $3000 per month, but not sure if that generous  bonus deal is available on the lease. 🙁