St Marks School Of Texas

Geoffrey Grant Modern Masterpiece Lands A Spot On Luxury Lease Wish List

By April Towery / December 14, 2019 / 3 Comments

Dear Santa, For Christmas this year I would like a six-bedroom, $2.5 million mansion with an amazing chef’s kitchen and all the accoutrements a girl could dream of. I’d prefer that my beautiful mansion be in the upscale Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas. I promise to keep the Anne Saks tile clean in each of […]

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Sunnybrook Estates Colonial Revival is in a League of its Own

By Karen Eubank / January 26, 2017 / 0 Comments

Sometimes you see a house and think, “Wow, I could just move right into that one.” That’s the way we feel about this Sunnybrook Estates colonial revival at 5033 Brookview Drive. Traditional homes create a strong pull. Many of us grew up in them, so they impart an immediate sense of home. But, we don’t […]

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Classic European Style in The Perfect Preston Hollow Location

By Karen Eubank / January 5, 2017 / 1 Comment

Location, location, location. There’s nothing more important when you’re looking for a home. Our Inwood National Bank Home of the Week is in a perfect location within Preston Hollow, and it’s a gorgeous homage to that 19th century classic European style we all love. This magnificent two-story, 6,360-square-foot luxury home at 6410 Woodland Drive, is […]

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John Backes Brings Wild-Eyed Ambition to Dallas Real Estate, Technology Communities

By Leah Shafer / June 26, 2015 / 1 Comment

John Backes is a young real estate entrepreneur, technology innovator, and champion of the city of Dallas. He practically vibrates with energy and ideas, and has a sort of raw enthusiasm that’s utterly sincere and unscripted. The St. Mark’s grad is passionate about bringing new ideas to the real estate community by collaborating with the active […]

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Deciding Where To Live: Are Small Towns More Religious Than The Big (Bad) City?

By Candy Evans / October 2, 2012 / 0 Comments

This post is inspired by the town of Kountze, Texas, 85 miles northeast of Houston, where the local public high school cheerleading squad heads to court this week over their practice of hoisting banners up for the football players to crash through — only their banners spout off religious bible verses. For awhile, the Kountze […]

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Monday Morning Millionaire II: Life is a Fairytale in Waggoner Place Storybook Home

By Joanna England / July 30, 2012 / 0 Comments

Every girl dreams of having her own little private castle, where she can steal away the days and nights and live life like a prince or princess.

If you never outgrew that dream, this is the house for you! With wrought-iron finishes, shabby-chic details, cute little windows everywhere, and staircases where you can let your hair down while waiting for Prince Charming, 6340 Brookshire Drive in Waggoner place is the perfect home for a storybook lifestyle.

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