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We’ve mentioned Dallas ISD’s very popular Two-Way Dual Language Spanish Immersion program before — it’s become quite the draw at many of the more than 60 schools that now offer it.

The program places native English speakers and native Spanish speakers in the same class, and together, each student learns to read, write, and speak in both languages. The goal is for each student to become bi-literate and bilingual. 

It’s a concept that has gained traction because it often yields high academic achievement as well — reading scores of students involved in immersive language programs designed like Dallas ISD’s are often substantially higher than their peers.

“Over the course of a day in a two-way dual language program, students that speak and students that are learning to speak English are taught together certain subjects (such as science) in Spanish and other subjects (such as math) in English,” a press release from Dallas ISD further explained. “The classrooms aim to have a fairly even split of students who speak English and are learning to speak English.” (more…)

Midway HollowBecause of its size, Midway Hollow is still one of those neighborhoods that probably has something for just about anyone. Bordered by Walnut Hill, Midway Road, Northwest Highway, and Marsh Lane, you can find homes in price points as low as $250,000 all the way to the millions.

This week, we’ve found three houses in three different price points in the bustling, hot neighborhood of Midway Hollow — all having open houses this week. You’re going to want to make time to visit the three houses we’ve found for our CandysDirt.com Open Houses of the Week column, which range from $439,000 to $1,095,000.

Renovated Midcentury Cottage Walking Distance to School

Open house: Sunday, Jan. 20, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. (more…)

The North Cliff Preservation District that feeds Salazar Elementary is the beneficiary of a district-rated “Excelling” school with promising accountability scores. (Photo courtesy Dallas ISD)

We all know the market is tight in Dallas. But when you’re looking for a home as a family, there’s another thing to factor in besides price and square footage: the schools.

Last year, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate asked me to take a look at the neighborhoods around some schools that might be more unfamiliar to buyers who traditionally look around the Lakewood, Rosemont, Stonewall Jackson, and Withers elementary schools. The neighborhoods I showcased were in attendance zones for some of Dallas ISD’s great schools — albeit schools that sometimes get less attention than their more well-known counterparts.

This week, I’m going to repeat the feat, and show you some examples of homes you and your family can plant roots in — and attend a great school to boot.

All of the schools we’ll look at are rated “Excelling” in the district’s School Performance Framework, and many of them offer the things parents get excited about — two-way dual language Spanish immersion, International Baccalaureate, personalized learning, and the like. (more…)