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A thousand years ago, I was the founding editor of a weekly newspaper called Plano Insider, which covered features, society events, youth sports and an “around town” calendar of events. Of course, the best part was the “What We’re Drinking” column I wrote weekly, in which I visited Plano bars and restaurants sampling their signature or most unique cocktail. Now I’m brand new to so I won’t push my luck pitching that, but I will “get a little Plano in here” to bring you what’s going on outside the loop, starting with a fun Crayola ticket giveaway and this weekend roundup of stuff to do in Plano and Collin County. 



Is there a better way to honor the original bad boy of Dallas than to don a Stetson and some Lucchese boots while showing some of the city’s best properties tomorrow? I couldn’t think of one, either.

The idea came from Scott Carlson, who sent us this note:

March 11 is officially declared as “Larry Hagman Day.” The People have spoken. The mayor of Dallas has been requested to issue a Proclamation declaring it official.

Let’s get the word out and have FUN… Post on Facebook, Tweet, Radio and news station.

Wear your cowboy boots and hats to honor the man Larry Hagman and the legend J.R. Ewing.

“He was the Pied Piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew. He was creative, generous, funny, loving and talented” – Linda Gary

Larry loved to have fun and especially loved wearing his cowboy hat… So, let’s join Larry and wear our cowboy hat this special day of celebration. Have fun sharing photos of you and your cowboy hat..

The date of March 11, 2013 was chosen because that is the date on which the current “Dallas” series on TNT will air the episode entitled “J.R.’s Masterpiece,” which is the J.R. Ewing funeral episode. On that date, legions of fans will both mourn the passing of Larry Hagman as well as celebrate his wonderful life.

Beloved by millions of fans, the man who embodied TV’s greatest villain, J.R. Ewing, was largely responsible for the success of the long-running hit TV series that generated worldwide publicity and recognition for its namesake city of Dallas. On this day we will celebrate the remembrance of the native Texas, actor, and a great friend to our city.

If you play along, send us photos of yourself clad in cowboy attire! And Happy Larry Hagman Day! To help celebrate, here’s a poem about J.R. from Scott:

J. R . THE Texan
Rich, smart, dashing.
Death and Life…. life and Death
A cycle ever more!
Transcendence here and there,
To the light …everywhere!
Dallas and the death of J.R.
and our beloved Sue Ellen!
The Life of Larry Hagman and
the Resurrection of a pained City.
Fun…BEAUTY….OIL, Wealth… And Texas Karma!!!!
An ICON to behold!
The Astronaut….with a Genie in a bottle.
And the biggest, best Oil Tycoon
with a mischievous heart.
Gratitude, Love and Blessing’s
To the soul and brilliance of a great being.
A true Texan with a yellow rose delight!
With a tip of our hat,
We say Goodbye and We Salute
…..A man named Larry Hagman
and a legend named … J. R . !!!!
-Scott F. Carlson

Ebby 102 throne ebby 102 aHappy Birthday, Ebby!

Almost 500 members of the Ebby Halliday Companies gathered at Southfork Ranch on Tuesday, March 5, bright and early in the morning to celebrate Ebby’s 102nd birthday. The festive event included a pancake breakfast with all the fun fixins.

Ms. Ebby had a wonderful time posing for photos with hundreds of friends and colleagues, and sitting in her gold throne when it just got to be too much. Oh and Ms. Ebby dressed for the occasion, wearing a brand-new pair of cowboy roper boots she bought just the day before.

I’m happy the Dallas media covered this event: Ebby Halliday will be 102 on March 9, 2013. She is amazing and clearly one of the most beloved women in all of Texas, heck, all of real estate!

The Dallas Morning News’ Cheryl Hall says “Miss Ellie may have been TV’s grande dame of Southfork, but on Tuesday, Ebby Halliday was the ranch’s queen for the day.”

It reminded me of Ebby’s birthday party last year at Eddie Deen’s ranch. Once again, Ebbie ate pancakes, bacon, biscuits and gravy and fruit — I guess breakfast must be her favorite meal.March-9-2012-014

As usual, Ebby will send $6,000 from the celebratory event to her namesake elementary school in South Dallas.

Wearing a black cowgirl skirt and those new roper boots, Ebby and her PA skipped their usual trip to In-N-Out Burgers to get decked out for the party in Western style, says Cheryl.

Randall Graham, vice president of corporate marketing, said “Can you imagine when Ebby comes walking into Cavender’s: ‘I need some boots for my 102nd birthday,’” laughs Randall Graham,  “Isn’t that the best?”

Ebby gave out real horseshoes as party favors. They said,  “Thank you for helping me celebrate my 102nd birthday.” True to her nature, she included instructions telling ya’ to keep the open end pointed up to hold in the good luck, good luck which is catching in the real estate market right now.

The breakfast party ended shortly before noon so her 1,500 agents could get back to work and showing houses. Last year, those sales associates completed 16,000 property deals with a sales volume of $4.8 billion for the company. That’s about an average of 10.67 homes per agent.

“Home sales,” says Ebby, “are rip-roaring!”

Not as much as Ms. Ebby. We wish her the best birthday week ever, and many more!



Getty Images had this interesting headline. Here’s what they reported:

Tourists flocked to Southfork Ranch inDallasTexas on Saturday Nov. 24 after news broke that Larry Hagman, the actor that played the famous television character J.R. Ewing on the iconic 1980s hit show “Dallas”, died the day before.

His popularity on the 1980s hit television series “Dallas” made the Texas town world-famous, but where was the recently deceased actor really from? More importantly, where was he living in the months and weeks before his death? Not in Hollywood, surprisingly enough. He died in the oil town that he seemed to love best — but not at Southfork.

Where WAS he living in this oil town? Hagman was a native Texan born in Fort Worth, and he died at Medical City Friday night surrounded by family and friends. Which leads me to believe he lived somewhere near Medical City — I thought I saw him at Central Market Preston Royal not too long ago.

The Examiner piece said Hagman spent most of his fortune amassing celebrity real estate, just another reason to love him..

“I have an apartment in New York, a ranch in Santa Fe, a castle in Ojai outside of L.A., a beach house in Malibu and [am] thinking of buying a [new] place in Santa Monica,” the former star of “I Dream Of Jeannie” once told the Chicago Tribune.

Now why do I say that Examiner’s headline is misleading? Because Southfork Ranch is not a private home, it’s a conference and event center! My guess is the gal who wrote this is not too familiar with Dallas, shocker. If I am wrong, correct me. Meantime, where was Larry living in North Dallas before his death the day after Thanksgiving???