We have all been dying to know who the buyers are for the twenty-first floor over at the Residences at the Ritz Carlton, Tower I.  You will recall that I have been quite ga-ga over this high profile penthouse pad, which Tim created by knitting together two huge penthouse condos under the exquisite direction of the beautiful Sofia Joelsson, of SoJo Design, a Miami-based interior designer who does a great deal of design work chez Headington. The one-of-a-kind outdoor terraces, um, three of them,  were designed and built in conjunction with Harold Leidner Landscape Architects. The unit was originally listed for $14 million, not including the art. Then, a few weeks ago, the price was lowered to a smidgen under ten million and voila, a buyer appeared, brought in by our newest celebrity Dallas agent, Victoria Barr de Quinones, Ebby Halliday Preston Center office.

I should say, buyers plural. They would be Moll and Charlie Anderson, from Knoxville, Santa Fe and now Dallas! Charlie is President and CEO of Anderson Companies, the parent company of Anderson Merchandisers. According to Forbes, it is the 116th largest private company in the U.S. The family holdings at one time or another have included more than 150 different companies including Anco China Ltd., Anderson Press, and publicly traded Books-A-Million. The company was founded by Charlie’s grandfather, Clyde, in 1917 when he opened a newsstand in Florence, Alabama. Charlie is the third-generation leader for a family-owned business that has pioneered the mailing and distribution of entertainment products. Under Charlie’s leadership, Anderson Companies has grown to become the country’s largest distributor of pre-recorded music, hardback books, games, and movies. According to the corporate website, Anderson’s customer base includes more than 4,000 Walmart stores in the United States and Canada, and more than 600 Sam’s Club locations. The company is also the worldwide distributor of video and music to the United States Army and Air Force, providing entertainment products to America’s Armed Forces.

Michael Gomez Photography

Seductive Tables for Two Cover FINAL

Mark DeLong Photography

Moll Anderson is Charlie’s knock down gorgeous wife. She is an author and lifestyles expert originally from Scottsdale, also an entrepreneur, Emmy-winning entertainment reporter and author of at least three books. Moll, a single mother for years, moved to Nashville after her son went off to college and built a successful design company in Nashville catering to professional athletes, country music stars, and other celebrities. And that is where she met the love of her life, Charlie Anderson. Her brand, Moll Anderson Home, is now a nationally recognized brand and as a philanthropist, she focuses her energy on many deserving causes. In 2011 Moll was recognized as one of Donna Karan’s Women Who Inspire. The couple have a 15,000 square foot home in Knoxville, and a fabulous home in Santa Fe where I am guessing Victoria met them. This is Moll’s latest book, available at Neimans. And… little update here… I am told she will totally transform Tim’s penthouse and make it entirely her own! I cannot wait to see what this amazing woman does with all 8400 square feet! Seductive Home front cover-1

So that’s where the movie star rumors were coming from.

Well, Moll Anderson is stunning and I love the fact that she’s 50ish but looks 35! Alas, they did not buy any of Tim’s art. I’m told he had it craned out of 2100, so if you saw cranes looming over the Ritz Residences recently, don’t go thinking they are building another tower.HeadingtonRitzCondo extLeidner1

HeadingtonRitzCondo extLeidner7

Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

HeadingtonRitzCondo extLeidner4

Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

No, that was just Tim Headington’s multi-million dollar art collection on it’s way to a brand new home.

Who’s been here? A-Rod, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo Dicaprio, just about every star in Hollywood. During Superbowl XLV, who cared that Dallas was one big ice rink: 200 celebs were having a fine time frolicking right here on the 21st floor of the Ritz. OK, remember when I told you about the condo of a famous Dallas person (I promised not to name names, oops!) about a month ago that was on the market for $14 million, which I think is probably the highest priced condo in town on the market? Well, guess who got inside last week. Yup, your’s truly. I do not think my eyes will ever be the same. Don’t think my breath will be the same. I also got to meet the beautiful Sofia Joelsson, of SoJo Design, the Miami-based interior designer who does all of the work for the owner of this condo. (Shh.) I have never met anyone as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out — stunningly lovely woman with amazing design sense. I also met Anna Sherrill, who works with Eloy at Sotheby’s International in Miami Beach. Doris Jacobs came up, Amanda Guerra from KXAS was there, and we were all sipping champagne.

Sofia, Amanda, Candy and Anna

There’s a lot to tell you about this place: there’s 8400 square feet of interiors, and 5500 square feet of exterior patios. Mamamia. There are three wine refrigerators — note the detail that I list first is this! There’s a fridge for champagne, red wine, and white wine. (I did see some white wine bottles in the champagne fridge, happy to come over and fix that!) There are two kitchens. Three terraces and a 360 degree view of Dallas. There are two bars, four bedrooms each with a full bath, two powder rooms, a billiards room with a purple pool table, a theater, library office, and so much mega museum quality art I have to cover it in a second post — my fingers will fall off from typing. There were two doors that I thought may be a safe room but turns out it’s a service elevator — a big service elevator — to bring up food or whatever your heart desires/orders. That is because the condo takes up the entire 21st floor. It has two elevators and a vestibule hallway with a unique art piece in it.

“I am the creative director of the house,” says Sofia. “The owner found the space, and only one unit was available. Six months later the second unit on this floor went on the market. We combined two units to make one penthouse.”

Enjoy the photos, folks, because more is coming. I need to do some research before I can bring you the art and the story behind it. And savor: the agent, Realtor to the rich and famous Eloy Carmenate, says he already has someone circling.

Oh yes! That’s Sofia at the main patio bar. The owner saw this in a liquor ad, Bacardi I think,  and asked Sofia if she could actually create it, and oh boy did she. She whipped up a rendering, installed LED lights, and the bar lights up to various colors. At Christmas they use red a lot. The entire main patio is custom made to withstand 70 mph winds: an epay wood decking houses all of the lighting and everything is bolted down to the deck, the furniture, sculpture, even the bar stools!