We are here doing a site visit, and very impressed with the extent of the work going on to create an entirely new Base Village at Snowmass Village, one of the country’s top ski areas right around the mountain from Aspen. SnowMass and Aspen ski resorts share the same mountains and climate — 300 plus sunny days a year (like today), great snow and 70 degree summers. But Snowmass is a better buy right now because it’s always been Aspen’s sleepy, more family-oriented sister. I think a lot of that is going to change when this Base Village is complete by December, so now is probably a great time to go shopping! Still, the hiking and amenities here are great, about to be incredible. This is the largest expansion of a ski resort happening in the U.S. right now, like $600 million. We’ve got more on SecondShelters.com…

Artist’s rendering of a penthouse in The Lumin in Snowmass Base Village.

With the Winter Olympics looming, snow sports and ski homes are on our minds. Exciting development continue in Colorado where a major Snowmass real estate project is underway — Snowmass Base Village. It’s the largest ski resort construction effort underway in North America. Principals just opened sales of two new venues with residential components: The Limelight Hotel and The Lumin.

We have the story on SecondShelters.com. Click here for more!