The “Love Room” at the M Mansion

Big opportunity this weekend to show off your Dallas Real Estate. Dirt, bricks and sticks, I mean. On August 7 Exxxotica Expo will take over the Dallas Convention Center. It’s a conference that is, well, all about sex: kind of like one of my husband’s Ob/Gyn conventions, only more fun, less “clinical”. This is the “Largest Adult Event in the USA Dedicated to Love & Sex. Taking place over three days, this event was created for adults who are looking for something Sexy, something Fun, and something Different.”  A bunch of “adult toys” will be on display, not sure about demos. Favorite porn stars will be in town for you to snap a picture with. There will be a smattering of sexpert speakers. On Friday my friend and fellow writer Jenny Block will lead a seminar titled “O Wow! Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm.”

She won’t be talking about House Porn!

The conference is quite controversial. The Dallas Women’s Foundation sent a letter to Mayor Mike Rawlings protesting Exxxotica Expo, saying they are “deeply troubled” that the sex conference will be using our convention center. (And bathrooms?) Local journalists have had their say, the pros (ladies, give me a break & the shallowness of WASP clothing) and cons (where are the boundaries? An interesting way to look at all this open sex thrust upon us — says Rudy Bush:

The boundaries between our private behavior and our public behavior isn’t some phony construct of a prudish society. It’s the inheritance of generations of understanding of how we should behave toward one another in public ways that are civil, respectful and decent. Dragging this show into the convention center downtown might be advertised as sexy fun and different. It’s probably closer to sad and weird.)