Bella Villa’s restoration brought this 1920s building up to date while retaining historic charm and details.

In Italian, Bella Villa means “beautiful villa.” In Vickery Place, Bella Villa means a stunning, newly preserved neighborhood landmark that’s living up to its name a second time.

Bella Villa is a prime example that preserving history often takes a village. The circa 1926 complex was not only the sole multi-family building in Vickery Place, but parts of the structure were also originally the Vickery Place School.

But Barrett Linburg, co-founder of Azur Commercial Capital, and Seth Bame, founder of Indio Management, saw the potential in Bella Villa and what an asset it could be to the neighborhood.

“Seth and I have been working on properties all over Dallas for about 10 years.  We independently saw the potential in this property in early 2015 and finally got the chance to work on it in 2017,” Linburg said. “We didn’t know the extent of the history, but knew that the character of the building was special and we were excited to bring it back to life after many years —maybe decades — of deterioration under several owners who operated very differently than we planned to.”

As Dallas Landmark Commissioner Mike Birrer told the Lakewood Advocate, Bella Villa was one of the city’s earliest adaptive reuse projects. Preserving its historic character while making it livable was critical.

“We deliberately restored the building under the watchful eyes of the US Department of the Interior, Texas Historical Commission, and the Dallas Landmark Commission,” Linburg added. “We are pleased that the building’s character has remained intact while we have been able to add modern amenities and livability.”