Ross Perot

Exquisite Mediterranean Villa on Strait Lane Boasts the Ross Perots (and More!) Next Door

By Karen Eubank / May 2, 2016 / 2 Comments

Strait Lane has long been home to the largest most impressive estates in Dallas and a veritable Who’s Who has claimed residency here at one time or another. Luminaries like Nancy Dedman, Phil Romano, Jessica and Dirk Nowitzki, Robert and Laura Wilson – yes the parents of Owen, Luke, and Andrew –Lisa and Kenny Troutt, […]

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Doris Jacobs Has Phil Romano’s Home Listed, Once Again, Reduced for Quick Sale at $10 Million

By Candy Evans / August 17, 2012 / 11 Comments

Phil Romano’s gorgeous estate at 10660 Strait Lane is on the market with another agent, at another price: only ten million dollars. Wait, whadda mean “another agent”? It’s Doris Jacobs, not just “another agent” but one of the tip-top agents in Dallas who sells multi-million dollar homes while perusing the sale racks at Neimans. In […]

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Vail Vacation Homes of the Dallas Rich & Famous… These Homes Aren’t Burning, Thank God

By Candy Evans / June 25, 2012 / 16 Comments

Right across from The Four Seasons Residence Club in beautiful Vail, Colorado, are the homes of Ross Perot, Jr. And Sr., right next to each other! (Ross Jr.’s is to the right of this picture, Ross Perot Sr. to the left.) Just back from a great weekend jaunt to Vail after attending NAREE in Denver. Lots to […]

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