Mantra - you buy your home to sell your home - that fits for this home!

6110 Locke Avenue is a single-story home in Ridglea North with so much to offer. (Photos: Trey Freeze Media)

When meeting with new clients the No. 1 thing I tell them is this: “You buy your home to sell your home.”  They’ll probably hear that mantra 100 times when working with me.

I know I’ve mentioned this before in Tarrant County Tuesday and it rings true still.  Many buyers are so excited and anxious that they will overlook glaring issues with a home that might not bother them, but could hinder selling the home in the future.

When considering a home, you want it to fit your needs of today but also fit the needs of future buyers as well. If the kitchen is too small now, it’s going to be too small later.  A house located on a busy street, it always going to be on a busy street. A two-story home will never work for someone who doesn’t want to climb stairs.

This 3,000-square-foot, four-bedroom, four-bath home has very inviting entrance with tons of charm.

Which brings us to the single-story house at 6110 Locke Avenue in the Ridglea North addition of Fort Worth. This home perfectly fits my mantra in many ways.


6436 Kenwick Ave _ 01a - Web

6436 Kenwick Avenue in Ridglea North area of Fort Worth (photos: Home Snappers)

As easy as it looks on HGTV to buy-and-fix-up an older home, it’s not.  You know those shows are scripted right?  As someone who gets paid (sometimes) to look at homes on a regular basis, I have to say that the influx of “flipper and fixer” shows has not always helped the real estate market.  Many in the flip market think that a can of gray paint, a few subway tiles, and polishing the floors equates to a job well done.  Wrong!

That is why it brings me great joy to tell you about a home in a fabulous neighborhood of Fort Worth that has been fixed up the right way.  It’s not just about the uber-popular color palette of whites and grays — it’s about taking an older home and making it useful to today’s home buyer. It’s also about not cutting corners to make a few extra bucks.

porch _ 01

Charming front porch to enjoy Ridglea North neighborhood