Sometimes Realtors get the shock of their lives. Be it cats running out of doorways, after which they must sprint, only to find out that the homeowner doesn’t even own a cat, to really, REALLY awful faux finishes.

In this case, one Realtor that has asked to remain anonymous, sent in this photo of a home in Old Lake Highlands she was showing:

“I swear HGTV jacked some people up. Out showing houses today and someone really talented perfectly executed the plastic baggie faux finish technique on every. single. surface. of this hallway. 7 doors, trim, sides of doors, ceilings and even the attic access. All perfectly finished. Creepy.”

Faux Finish Faux PasI would definitely call this a faux finish faux pas. I know it’s nothing a little primer and paint can’t fix, but really, their Realtor should have told them to fix this! What do you think?

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