A few months ago, I received a letter stating that radon testing was being done near my neighborhood, across Hillcrest in the JanMar streets. A home had been tested there and found to have an unusually high radon level. Yikes! The company, Clear Environmental,  was alerting neighbors and offering radon tests.
Radon in Dallas? Isn’t radon usually found in the mountain states?
Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, radioactive gas that usually resides in your basement, which we don’t have a lot of in Dallas. It is said to kill 21,000 homeowners a year.
“There is more radon in North Dallas than previously thought,” says Zack Shipley, with CLEAR Environmental. ” The government-contracted flyover done in the early 90’s, a gamma ray test, was not a deep enough penetration. We were rated a Zone 3 by EPA.”
But that test may not be accurate in dense, North-Texas type compacted soil.  
“Now we are finding that 40% of the homes we are testing are coming up with higher levels of radon.