Preston Hollow Village, the thriving young mixed-use development at 75/Central Expressway and Walnut Hill Lane in North Dallas is adding another restaurant to its fabulous food line-up: Mesero. 

A Dallas favorite for upscale Mexican fare, Mesero will open its newest restaurant at 7859 Walnut Hill Lane in first quarter 2019.

Mesero joins Matchbox, Blue Sushi Saki Grill, Modern Market, Pak Pao Thai, Blatt Beer & Table and Cinco Taco. I have been to every one of those establishments and they all rock.

“Mesero is a great addition to Preston Hollow Village” said Leon Backes, CEO at Provident Realty Advisors. “Preston Hollow Village has become a destination for quality dining in Preston Hollow and the North Dallas area.”

The location is super convenient, and there is always parking — unlike Preston Center, sorry.


The Preston at Preston Hollow Village Residential is now open and move-in ready! With apartment homes ranging from 650-2500 square feet, The Preston depicts its own unique identity and amenities. Whether you are selling your family home for a smaller place in town, not to mention getting away from high property taxes, you are going to love this upscale home in the heart of Preston Hollow Village.

Did I say apartment? As in rent? As in no worries ever about outside maintenance, yard, bushes, pool chlorine levels, leaves in the gutters, paint, clogged commodes and kitchen sinks, parking your own car, and even lightbulbs: they change them for you! Hot damn!

The Preston is an apartment I would move to in a heartbeat — maybe sooner — because it has EVERYTHING!  (Keep reading to find out how you can get a preview of this property on Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m.!)

First of all: location, location, LOCATION! The northwest corner of Walnut Hill and Central first housed tony apartments that eventually became Class C, were torn down, and then the land sat idle during the Great Recession. Because I am old and I remember when the Class Cs were more like Bs, I knew the area had great potential: ponds and green space, but mostly that dynamic intersection. To me, quality of life is how quickly I can get to work or my grand-daughters out of my glorious home, and then get home again. And that intersection is solid gold for getting anywhere. 

Plus now, you have a true mixed-use community anchored by Trader Joes and ModernMarket, Pakpao Thai, Blue Sushi Saki Grill, Cinco Tacos, Frost Gelato, Matchbox Kitchen, and Blatt Beer & Table. That’s just the food offerings now. The six-phase master-planned community encompasses upscale shopping and dining, and will ultimately have six upscale residential neighborhoods featuring more than 1,300 homes. Preston Hollow Village complements the modern, on-the-move lifestyles of its residents: you and me. Everyone can walk to chic restaurants, a neighborhood grocery store, superior shopping and services and, in the near future, a three-acre park. There is even a Walgreens Community Pharmacy and a Frost Bank.


I am just so darn giddy with excitement, I had to go search and see if I really did tell you this, and I DID!!!, last November when Central Market was under construction at Preston Royal. I had heard from a reliable source that Trader Joe’s was going to plant its second or third Dallas store at the northwest corner of North Central Expressway and Walnut Hill Lane.

What fabu news for the neighborhoods! The famous West Coast foodie store that you have to drag me out of in Santa Fe or Cali will anchor a new development to be built on the vacant 42-acre property on that corner that is also to include an R.E.I.

Once upon a time, many moons ago, that corner was the Willow Creek apartments and shopping center, which were torn down starting in 2007, after a fire. Provident Realty planned to build a $300 million urban shopping and housing village on the tract. But the project stalled during the recession and bank credit crunch. Wells Fargo foreclosed on the tract in late 2009. I recall an auction where no one bought. Kroenke Holdings bought the land from Wells Fargo Bank in 2010 and formed a partnership with Provident Realty to continue development. Isn’t it nice that despite the bust, this project still came together?

Seems the stinkers at Provident Realty Advisors and Kroenke Holdings of Missouri have been covertly working with Trader Joe’s since last summer, planning a 14,000 square foot store as well as a variety of other developments on the corner, including several hundred units of multifamily residential at the same time. Keeping us in the dark, eh?

Trader Joe’s is opening its first two Texas stores on June 15 in Fort Worth and Houston; nine locations have been announced for Texas so far, including two more locations in Houston and one each in Austin and San Antonio.

According to Steve Brown, Trader Joe’s is “known for its value-priced store brands, kitschy interiors and zany marketing campaigns, Trader Joe’s has been in business since 1958. The company has more than 370 stores in 32 states.” Me, I like Two Buck Chuck, the ginger cookies and everything in the prepared food case.

The neighborhood is already AA Central: Houston-based Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods has a 43,000-square-foot store (Good Lord!) near the southeast corner of Central and Walnut Hill, and is opening up another location at Preston-Royal where Blockbuster used to be. (Talk about the maturing of the community: it used to be a Toys R Us!) Then Total Wine & More, a Maryland wine and beer retailer, is opening a store in this quad. As my friend Wyman Elrod says:

“There will soon be large liquor and wine merchants on all four corners of this intersection. You should move to The Meadows or Glen Lakes and walk to get your wine! You probably can even have it delivered like Ozarka!”

Another coolio thing about this deal: the neighboring Homeowners Associations really worked with the developers on the site:

“As most of you know, the 42-acre property at the northwest corner of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway that was owned by Provident Realty Advisors was foreclosed on by Wells Fargo late last year. Because the Wells Fargo loan pre-dated the private deed restrictions (“PDR”) that The Meadows, Glen Lakes and Windsor Park had collectively negotiated with Provident, the PDR has been negated. However, the zoning that we negotiated remains in place (see for a copy of the approved zoning). Because of continued support from our City Council representative and the expectation that any future owner will likely seek changes to the existing zoning, we believe we will have reasonable influence in what ultimately transpires on the site. As a reminder, current zoning includes, among other things, a requirement that the western-most 385 feet (approximately 17 acres) be solely residential, with no more than 140 residences that must be townhomes (rather than condos, apartments, etc). Wells Fargo has recently opened up bidding for the site. The Joint Task Force (made up of representatives from The Meadows, Glen Lakes and Windsor Park) will continue to work with potential developers on behalf of our respective neighborhoods. The JTF is currently taking the approach that, rather than express upfront what our neighborhoods want on the site, we will wait and see what the future owner/developer has in mind.”