Price Per Square Foot

The Misconception of Price Per Square Foot

By Seth Fowler / February 27, 2018 / 14 Comments

Guilty!  Buyers, sellers, Realtors … all guilty!  All are at fault for using price per square foot (psf) when attempting to come up with the price of a home. It’s pretty easy if you think about it.  Even I can do the math (with a calculator): divide the price of home by the air conditioned square […]

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Live Life Through (Cheaper) Rose Colored Glasses: Pink Mary Kay Mansion Reduced to $2,999,999

By Candy Evans / June 25, 2012 / 12 Comments

In the words of Allie Beth Allman agent dynamo Karen Luter, this is not just the deal of the century, but a STEAL: “Yep, $2,999,999. That puts it at the bottom of price per square foot, $247 to be precise for this iconic home, rich in history.” The home was listed at $3,300,000. You get […]

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Terrell Owens Azure Condo Is Under Contract, TMZ All Wrong: It’s a Tsunami, Not a Bath! Dallas Real Estate News

By Candy Evans / November 13, 2011 / 16 Comments

TMZ is reporting that Terrell Owens took a bath on his Azure condo: According to public documents, Owens paid $340,000 for the 2,600 square foot place back in 2006, right after he signed a $25 million contract with the Cowboys. Owens no longer works in Dallas … and probably won’t ever work in Dallas again […]

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