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Howard and Cindy Rachofsky List Preston Hollow Home on Glendora with Claire Dewar

By Candy Evans / January 22, 2013 / 24 Comments

Cindy and Howard Rachofsky are about the most art-zealous people you can find in Dallas. They literally live art, now perhaps more than ever. Howard built the Rachofsky House on 8605 Preston Road in 1996 just north of Northwest Highway, the home being a complete collection of art from the lawn to the architecture by renown architect Richard Meier.

The Rachofsky House is the private home and contemporary art collection of Cindy and Howard Rachofsky. The house aims to offer a unique experience with contemporary art and architecture through Richard Meier’s building, the rotating installations inside and the outdoor sculptural works, most of which are site-specific.

Howard is a lawyer and former Wall Street hedge fund tyke. In 1986, Financial World magazine called him one of the 100 highest-paid people on Wall Street, even though he was working from a Dallas office. A lot of the money he made was invested in art, contemporary art, as well as philanthropy, which he then loaded and displayed into the Preston Road estate which he unveiled like a canvass in 1996. For a year, Howard lived there — the home has only one or two bedrooms. Then he married Cindy and they enlisted Lionel Morrison — The Art House, One Arts Plaza, ____ Northaven — to build a family home for them at 5911 Glendora in Preston Hollow east of Preston, about a mile from 8605 Preston. Glendora was built in 1997.

And just yesterday, Claire Dewar, one of Briggs Freeman’s tip-top agents, listed 5611 Glendora. Asking $2,695,000.

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Chatting Up the Buyer of Valley View Mall: What Scott Beck Has In STORE for Us

By Candy Evans / May 9, 2012 / 34 Comments

Artists and live music on Saturdays and a five star hotel? A viable urban village at one of the country’s busiest intersections? Scott Beck grew up at Valley View Mall, the same mall he bought about a week ago. Well, not actually in the mall, but within two miles of it, near Beltline Road and […]

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