Huge kudos to Teresa Gubbins over at CultureMap, who spied a real anomaly in our Texas market: a foreclosure. Even when there are supposed to be fewer foreclosures in Dallas! And not just any foreclosure, but a foreclosure in the honeypot of Preston Hollow, on the same street where T. Boone Pickens recently sold his flawless $5 million estate after his last marriage ended.

The home at foreclosure auction is 9410 Alva Court

at the corner of Deloache Ave., in one of Dallas’ most celebrity-studded neighborhoods. Once owned by restaurant mogul Norm Brinker, it was purchased by colorful oncologist Dennis Birenbaum in 2002, who deserves props for recommending that people avoid eating junk food. In February, the property went into foreclosure, and is owned by Bank of America.

The home was actually built by a Dallas physician, anesthesiologist Dr. Terry James. His daughter is Jamie O’Banion, the skincare guru. And yes, Nancy Brinker slept here — a lot. The Brinkers bought the home from the James because one of the downstairs bathrooms was outfitted to easily accommodate the handicapped.  This is where Nancy Brinker lived when she was in Dallas and married to Norman. The home was then purchased by oncologist/hemotologist Dr. Dennis Birenbaum in 2002, as Teresa reported. It went into foreclosure, and the bank took it back in late February of this year. As you can see from the photos, this house needs some love…