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Newest hot-off- the- press rendering for the proposed development

Is it time to take down the “No! Not in Preston Hollow” signs? Maybe!

Transwestern, the folks building those fancy new luxury apartments over at Northwest Highway and Preston Road, NOT to be confused with the luxury high rise apartment Crosland Group hopes to build IN PRESTON CENTER, has made some major, major concessions to its original plans in an effort to appease the homeowners who are concerned over the proposed changes bringing more dense living to the western edge of the Pink Wall neighborhood.

The density of the proposed project that would replace 24 old rental apartments and 12 townhomes has been significantly reduced.

Change Number 1: The number of units built will be only 165, way down from the original 296. 165 is also only 20 units more that Transwestern could build under current zoning.

Change Number 2: The homeowners who live on Del Norte got their way. Transwestern will only build three-story units in the property segment that runs from Averill Way north to the edge of the property line. This is the area closest to the single family homes on Del Norte. The units built on the property that runs from Averill Way to Northwest Highway will be four stories. That is only 1 story more than current zoning.

“It’s the right thing to do,” says Mark M. Culwell, Jr. Transwestern’s Managing Director of  Development. “The process is set up for collaboration — you hope at the end of the day it all produces a good result.”