“I wanted to build a Spanish-classic-modern-style home that blended rustic wooden elements with sleek metal,” said  Juani Longhi. “From the moment I saw the property in Bluffview, I knew it was where I wanted to raise my family. This is truly my dream home.”

Longhi, who purchased the lot 15 years ago, spent six years planning and two years building this magnificent estate at 4512 Bluffview Boulevard. It was completed in 2013 and as is with life, opportunity knocks, you move across the country to dream new dreams, so Longhi’s  five-bedroom, five-bathroom dream home can now be your dream home.


9016 Vista Creek Front

Really, how many homes in Dallas have a bridge over a pool, leading you to the front door?

I’m willing to guess not many. In fact, besides today’s Friday Four Hundred, the only other one I know of is this home in Urban Reserve, and it has a bridge over a creek, not a pool.

So yes, that cool little bridge makes quite an impact on visitors and buyers, and it also highlights the beautiful sunken elevation of the home. From the curb, you can only see a smidge of the rooftop of 9016 Vista Creek. But once you come down the stairs, the bridge, the pool, and the floor-to-ceiling living room windows with their warm light all give off an undeniable visual experience.

9016 Vista Creek Pool 9016 Vista Creek Pool 2


9754 Ash creek front

Rarely do we find a house in the $200K range that is just a perfect home. A home so cute and sweet that, try as hard as we might, we can’t find anything that really turns us off about this cute little East Dallas cottage, and that’s a mighty big feat!

Let’s talk location, first. This house is inside a highly sought-after neighborhood called Alger Park/Ash Creek that has great 1950s-era homes, many of which are being updated by owners. It’s very quiet as there really aren’t many through-streets, and if you’re lucky, you can find a property that backs up to a creek!

9754 Ash Creek Living 9754 Ash creek Living 2

While 9754 Ash Creek doesn’t have a creek view, it does have the cutest little pool in the backyard, tons of covered parking, and is fully updated inside. This adorable three-bedroom, two-bath home is marketed by Ebby Halliday Realtor Steve Davies for $220,000. It’s a good price, considering that this home is move-in ready with a pool!

9754 Ash Creek Kitchen 9754 Ash creek Dining

With 1,416 square feet and tons of outdoor space for entertaining crowds of folks, you’ll feel like this modestly sized home is still a great bargain. That has a lot to do with the way the sellers have opened up the space, removing walls separating the dining area and the kitchen. It’s a great size for a small family, or a couple who wants to have room for guests and an office.

9754 Ash Creek Bedroom 9754 Ash Creek bath

Well, there is just one nit we have to pick, and that’s the placement of the second sink in the master bathroom. It’s in such a strange spot that there’s no way you can hang a mirror in front of it. Honestly, I would have gone a different route to add a second sink, or gone without one.

9754 Ash Creek Patio


9754 Ash creek pool

The backyard makes up for that faux pas, though, with a sizable lawn, great covered patio, and adorable little pool that is just perfect for a dip when the heat of the summer starts to get to you. What do you love about our Tuesday Two Hundred?