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We have confirmed that in a deal put together by Dallas developer Don Silverman, the great Deion Sanders has sold his 10-bedroom Prosper mansion and 82 acres at 1280 North Preston Road. This comes after news broke last week that Texas Education Agency plans to revoke the charter for Sanders’ Prime Prep Academy due to financial mismanagement, and a messy divorce from wife Pilar Sanders, who has apparently jumped the shark.

But then, apparently today, Prime Prep Academy’s board is supposed to debate and maybe vote on authorizing the rehiring of Sanders, who co-founded the school, as athletic director.

According to news reports:

“The former NFL star, who loaned his Prime Time nickname to the school, was fired, rehired and fired again within a couple of months late last year. The first firing came after he was accused of assaulting the school’s chief financial officer during a staff meeting. No explanation was given for the second dismissal.”

Honestly, I cannot keep up with this drama. Maybe Deion and his girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, just needed to be done with that Prosper albatross and make a new nest. After all, he still owns a $4.8 million penthouse at The Azure …


Let’s say you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and you want your own spot in the country to relax, raise a few kids, all while conveniently close to Lake Lewisville. Oh, and you want a waterfall in your backyard.

You are in luck.

This six bedroom, five-and-a-half bath stunner in Aubrey has plenty of room for a family (and then some!) with a craft room, a gigantic kitchen, and a huge patio all on more than an acre. It’s inside Stone Mountain Estates, a gated community where your nearest neighbor isn’t too close for comfort.

I know someone is going to ask: The HOA fees are $600 a month year. Considering the price tag on 5475 Summit Trace, a 5,283-square-foot home, let’s just say that if you need to eat balogna sandwiches and ramen noodles to afford the HOA fees mortgage, then this house isn’t for you.

I’ll tell you who this house could be for — Pilar Sanders. Why? Excellent schools in Aubrey ISD, a huge lot inside a gated community, a waterfall because she’ll need somewhere to meditate, and there’s a second floor bed/bath suite, which will be perfect for house guests. I wonder if Ebby agent Laura Brewer, who is marketing this home, has heard from our gal …

Now, this English traditional has a few things I am in love with that Pilar might not like so much, such as the copper soaking tub. These are so rare, but so awesome!

Also fantastic: The craft room. I’ve always wanted my own place to get creative. This would be equally cool as an art studio.

Something this size with all of these luxury touches, such as high-end Miele kitchen appliances and gorgeous wood floors, would go for $5 million and upwards inside Dallas County. In Denton County, though, it’ll set you back a cool $1,297,897.


This foreclosure in Glen Lakes is the perfect new home for Pilar Sanders.

Things are not looking good for Pilar Sanders. After their hearing yesterday, Deion Sanders won a restraining order that will keep Pilar 500 yards from their opulent Prosper mansion and that gigantic African statue. So, obviously, the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Sanders will need a place to stay, right? We have just the thing, and it’s a deal, too!

Pilar will feel plenty at home over at 5 Crownwood Court in the Glen Lakes subdivision. It’s a foreclosure (as Candy tells me, it was owned by a podiatrist who couldn’t “foot the bill!” LOL!) so it’ll be affordable at just $849,900, which will help her when those lawyer bills start rolling in.

And it’s a great size, too, at 5,238 square feet with three bedrooms and 4-and-a-half baths. Sure, it needs a little work (the carpet has GOT TO GO! UGH!). That’s what the discount is for, right?

The master closet at 5 Crownwood Court has plenty of room.

But, there’s one thing Pilar won’t have to update, and that’s the wet bar with a wine fridge. A must for anyone going through a divorce, no? I mean, what’s worse after a long day in court? Your Chardonnay being the wrong temperature when you really need a drink.

The kitchen has plenty of bells and whistles, and there’s granite tile in the master bath. And it’s accessible: close to shopping and North Central Expressway. And there’s plenty of security and covered parking. Oh, and it’s also a plenty safe distance from Prosper. Way more than 500 feet.


By now you know that Deion Sanders’ estranged wife, Pilar was arrested and is having her morning coffee in the Collin County Jail. She has been charged with misdemeanor/assault. There was apparently an altercation yesterday at the Sanders’ Prosper home she still shares with the former Cowboys star.

A friend told me just last week that Deion and Pilar Sanders were  separated, but he wants them to live in the same house up there in Prosper, rather than sell it. Well, the house is humungous — 11,000 plus square feet. Deion just thinks it’s silly to buy another home when they can each have “wings”. He also has a place at The Azure. Recall that Pilar looked at a home in Rockwall last December, but Deion reportedly told her no.  Someone please send him “War of the Roses”, a flick starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas about a divorcing couple who try living in the same house because neither will give it up. Recall how that movie ended? Not pretty, not pretty at all.

Deion sent out several tweets Monday evening alleging that his wife and a female friend attacked him in his room, with their two boys watching. Sad.

“Pray for me and my kids now!” he tweeted. “They just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She’s going to jail n I’m pressing charges!”


Look, I want them to stay together, I really do. Comes this story in the Dallas Observer where Pilar Sanders says she “is committed to their marriage.” Wow. Good for her. For them. Then today, TMZ — and as I have said before, God knows where they get their stuff — reports that Deion’s daughter Deiondra (she’s from a previous marriage) seems to be accusing Pilar of not being truthful, or something:

“…she GOES OFF — claiming Pilar straight up LIED when she claimed she found out Deion filed for divorce on

Deiondra writes, “#HowYouDidntKnow but yo boxes have been packed for weeks now.”

She adds, “HowYoTopPriorityBeen yo marriage and yo kids when u flying out to see other n**gas … yeah we know.”

Deiondra added, “All u had to do was be a supportive wife. Only thing u ever cared about doing with my dad is reality shows.”

Still does not explain why Pilar (and a friend, Donna) looked at this house in Rockwall about a month ago? Or maybe it does. Despite what Donna said to Rockwall News editor J.J. Smith, she did look at the house (here’s the audio: memo pilar edited1), because they “had a situation”. After I heard that Donna, Pilar’s friend, had contacted the Rockwall News saying that what I wrote was untrue, I diald her up. Did they actually see the house? She told me yeah, they saw it, but they really didn’t like the house and it was really a mess at the time.  (Sellers were moving out an occupant, had let her in because of her “PDQ” call.) She felt the sellers were maybe using Pilar’s name to help sell the house. Seller thinks what Pilar maybe liked best was the owner financing.

What’s not to like about an 11,000 square foot home with two master suites designed to look like Caeser’s Palace? There’s an indoor jacuzzi splat in the middle of one master and, Donna told me, bullet proof glass between the two rooms!

She said that’s not Pilar’s style, no way!

Sounds to me like the PERFECT house for a feuding couple!

TMZ is reporting that in the Deion and Pilar Sanders marriage pre-nup, Deion agreed to provide his wife with a home half the value of the one she is living in. Where TMZ gets this stuff, I know not. Here’s what they say:

“Sources close to the couple tell us Deion had agreed to buy Pilar a house when they split … equal to half the value of whatever their current home is. Well nowadays they live in Prosper, TX — in a home that’s almost 30,000 square feet, with 10 bedrooms, 9 full baths (and 4 half baths) … and a listing price of $21 million.”

TMZ says Deion might wish he lived in an apartment right about now. I’d say yeah, maybe one off Harry Hines!

Couple things. One, they forgot to mention/figure in the Azure condo that is “leased” right now, (clearing throat loudly). Add that puppy in and Pilar ought to have a second home in Palm Beach, you ask me. But then, values can be argued. Neither of these properties are moving. Deion had some extensive water damage in the Prosper house that he tweeted about last winter, and the home has not sold for the $21 million asking price. $21 million? Good luck. Let’s look at just the land value up there in Prosper: $2,596,682 on 84 acres and $872,575 on 25. That’s a grand total of $3,469,257. Half of that nets Pilar a $1.5 million home which is, I think, a great budget for house shopping in Dallas, Heath, or Rockwall.

Like I told you, Pilar has been looking for homes in the $2 million range, especially those offering owner financing. I know how hard it is for the self-employed to snag a loan these days, so I imagine the Sanders might be feeling the pinch, too, on top of everything else.

1705 Bison Meadows has 1200 palm trees

This is the $2 million house in Heath, Texas that Pilar Sanders wanted Deion to buy her about a month ago. It’s 11,000 square feet, has two four-car garages to hold the Bentley’s on either side of the house, two master suites designed after the suites at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, four bedrooms and four and a half baths. But, according to my very close sources, Deion refused to give her the money to buy the $2 million home in the prestigious Hills of Buffalo Creek even though it has 100% owner financing. Pilar loved everything about the one story home, the fact that three movies had been shot there, and was crazy about the TV’s in the living room. She saw the “owner financing” sign in the front yard and called stat. But Deion said “no.”

When I heard that, I just thought Pilar, like most of us, buys real estate like some of us also buy shoes. No biggie. Never occured to me that the couple, who have been married for twelve years and have three children, would be calling it quits.

Real Estate must have had a lot to do with the demise of their marriage.  The Sanders are a little heavy on home ownership. The 29,122 square foot spread up there in Prosper has 10 bedrooms, 9 full and 4 half bathrooms, 2 story entry, sunken living, banquet dining, your own Dave and Busters rec room, indoor basketball court and bowling alley, indoor and outdoor pools, movie theatre, billiard room, hall of fame gallery, football field, 12 acre lake, tennis court, guest house, 10 car garage. The 109 acre spread was listed with Marilyn Hoffman for $21 million FOREVER! Just took it off the market this past August. Read the best original description of it on The RealEstalker, hugs and kisses to you, Mama!

The Prosper spread

Then there is his penthouse at the Azure, same floor as Greg A. Brady’s $6.4 James Bond penthouse. How shall I say this:  Deion’s is “leased” for the time being, but humungous. That original asking was $7.5 for the 9,444 square foot palace in the sky. It’s a two-story condo, with a terrace lounge with bar and full bath (so nice for guests, keeps your own potty pristine) and a private elevator to a rooftop private pool, roof garden and fireplace. I have to be honest: Greg A. Brady’s is decked out way more. Sorry.

Deion's Azure penthouse

But still, I don’t get it. With more than ten million in real estate holdings, Deion, come on. You can’t squeeze out $2 million for a little Heath getaway for Pilar? That’s almost like shopping for shoes at Pay-Less, and there’s even owner financing. It also has plenty of bathrooms, and Pilar apparently has a thing about bathrooms. I share her concerns totally over letting the public use toilet seats. In fact, I have leased port-a-pottys for construction crews. Here’s what I think happened: when the Sanders had all that water damage last February, there were way too many workmen in the house. 29,000 square feet ot not, that kind of stuff wreaks havoc on a marriage!

So that’s why she wanted the house in Heath! I had heard that Pilar Sanders was looking at a $2 million home in Heath, Texas, and I wondered why in the world she would want another house. They need one like, well, like they needed a leaky ceiling last spring. Deion and Pilar have that mammoth compound up in Prosper, plus the penthouse at the Azure on the same floor as Greg Brady. Made no sense that she wanted a whole house. Should Brady decide to lease to Khloe Kardashin and Lamar Odum, Khloe and Lamar would be neighbors, once the tenants move out. So that’s why I thought it was insane that Pilar wanted Deion to buy her a $2 million home in Heath.

Guess it all make sense. Deion just told TMZ he and Pilar are getting a divorce.

“Pilar and I have decided to end our marriage and move on to the next phase of our individual lives with mutual respect.”

Property division is going to be very complex! Stay tuned!