Editor’s Note: We’ve had a few people call us out. But here’s where we are coming from:  If we are going to remain a voice about elevating the industry, then we have to call out photos like this, and we have to point out that the realtor did the client a disservice by having the property photographed in that state. It’s all about the discourse.
It is sad that someone lived like this.  And hopefully, this can start a real conversation about how we take care of the elderly and disabled, and we welcome that conversation and hope everyone who took the time to comment today will join us in having it. But the weekly Wednesday WTF has always been about the off-the-cuff, human reactions we have to shocking things. And this is indeed shocking. 

So before I begin this week, I need to tell you that all this WTF has not only ruined my browser history for life, it’s also gotten in my head and now I have weird dreams about Cher standing in my bedroom watching me sleep or being forced to clean houses that have been home to 500 cats at once. (more…)

Last year’s PorchFest was a complete success. (Photos: Zelman Brounoff)

One of Old East Dallas’ most charming aspects is the plethora of huge front porches that offer a shady spot to get to know your neighbors. So what better way to introduce yourself to the wonderful people and festive atmosphere of Peak’s Suburban Addition than its PorchFest celebration.

This year, the second annual Dallas PorchFest on Oct. 7 will coincide with the grand re-opening of Buckner Park. This city park, which straddles Munger Boulevard and runs aside the Santa Fe Trail, received a $3 million city-financed revitalization. You can attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Buckner Park (4550 Worth St.) at noon, and then walk through the neighborhood of Peak’s Addition to enjoy music, art, and food until 8 p.m.

“This is a block party for our Old East Dallas neighborhood,” said one of the event organizers, Leigh Martin. “And the whole city is invited.”