Home of the week Parwen LOGOLittle pop-quiz over here on CandysDirt: do these homes look similar? A little?6645northaven-58h-575x387

No, OK.

How about are they both light, white and very bright? Bingo! Turns out they were built by the same couple. 11715 Parwen, the first home and our Inwood Mortgage Home of the Week, has a smooth white stucco interior and the sleekest contempo interiors west of the Mississippi. It is located a little north of Forest Lane, and was the house Amy and Darren Kozelsky, he being a Christian country music singer and she being an heiress, philanthropist and mom extraordinaire, occupied, designed and sold BEFORE they built 6645 Northaven, the spaceship-round home you see in the second photo. No doubt 11715 Parwen was the contemporary slate that inspired Lionel Morrison’s creation at 6645 Northaven.

Let’s look at the similarities – here’s the kitchen on Parwen:House of the Week KitchenKitchen, or one of them, on Northaven — Northaven also has a pastry/caterer’s kitchen:

6645 Northaven bar6645 Northaven kitchen

Let’s check out the media rooms. First, Northaven:

6645 Northaven mediaThen, Parwen:

HOTW MediaNow the masters — first Parwen:Parwen masterNext, the master bedroom on Northaven:6645 Northaven masterThen the master bath — Northaven:6645 Northaven master bathAnd Parwen:

HOTW Master Bath House of the Week BathDo you think people get a similar style going and repeat it in each successive home? 11715 Parwen is listed at $2,200,000 while 6645 Northaven is listed for a whopping $9,950,000.

Funny what a difference seven million dollars makes!